MPs jeer as Theresa May reiterates that she will welcome Donald Trump to Britain

Theresa May and Donald Trump

On 20 June, Theresa May reiterated during Prime Minister’s Questions that she plans to welcome Donald Trump to the UK on 13 July.

Welcome Donald

Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy has resulted in border officials detaining children and separating them from their families.

On World Refugee Day 2018, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford put it to May that this should be enough to revoke the planned state visit:

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Labour MP Gavin Shuker also added to the calls for Trump’s visit to be cancelled, saying:

President Trump has locked up 2,000 little children in cages and is refusing to release them unless he’s allowed to build a wall. He’s quit the UN Human Rights Council, praised Kim Jong Un’s treatment of his own people, turned away Muslims. What does this man have to do to have the invitation she has extended revoked?

But while May condemned Trump’s policy, MPs jeered as she reiterated that she will welcome him to the UK on 13 July.

Talk is cheap

People were not impressed by May’s weak reaction:

Others, meanwhile, proposed alternative strategies to avoid Trump’s toxicity polluting our land:

Not a surprise

May also said that the migrant children detained in the US “appear” to be in cages. And this didn’t sit well with Labour MP Richard Burgon:

But unfortunately, May’s record means her weak reaction shouldn’t come as a surprise:


Trump is incarcerating innocent children, separating them from their families. And May welcoming him through an official state visit helps to normalise this abhorrent and inhumane policy.

On World Refugee Day, May could have taken a stand against this barbaric treatment of asylum seekers who are “fleeing gang violence and poverty”.

Unfortunately, she took the easy way out.

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