Tories actually laughed while Jeremy Corbyn read out a worker’s concerns about the government’s chaotic Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn speaking during Prime Minister's Questions

During Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on 27 June, Jeremy Corbyn read out a Honda worker’s concerns that his job was in jeopardy due to this government’s chaotic Brexit. Some Tories actually cackled with laughter in response:

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Not a good look

Their reaction didn’t impress people on social media:

Others thought their response was symptomatic of their overall view of the world:

…including Labour MP for Liverpool Walton Dan Carden:


The man who wrote to Corbyn has every right to be worried. The UK is steaming towards a Brexit characterised by uncertainty and chaos:

And with the elusive foreign secretary Boris Johnson recently caught saying “fuck business”, some – such as Labour MP David Lammy – don’t know whether the government is coming or going:

But Corbyn reckons May has other concerns:

And the Brexit shambles is even worrying a backbench Conservative MP:

A creaking ship

Corbyn concluded by saying:

But isn’t [it] the truth that the real risk to jobs in our country is a prime minister who is having to negotiate round the clock with her own cabinet to stop it falling apart, rather than negotiating to defend jobs of workers in this country?

The way May’s own MPs cackled at a British worker’s legitimate fears only serves to prove him right.

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