The Tory splits are widening as several MPs turn on Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg speaking while people talk behind him
John Shafthauer

Jacob Rees-Mogg wrote an article for the Telegraph on 2 July. In it, he said [paywall] that Theresa May “must stick to her “no deal is better than a bad deal” mantra, or risk splitting the Conservative Party like Sir Robert Peel”.

In response, several of his Conservative peers have turned on him.

Corn laws

Rees-Mogg wrote:

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Theresa May must stand firm for what she herself has promised.

One former Tory leader, Sir Robert Peel, decided to break his manifesto pledge and passed legislation with the majority of his party voting the other way. This left the Conservatives out of office for 28 years. At least he did so for a policy that works.

At Chequers, [May] must stick to her righteous cause and deliver what she has said she would, she must use her undoubted grace to persevere.

The logic of his argument has been called into question. But more interestingly, it’s also come under attack from several Conservative MPs. These include Simon Hoare of North Dorset:

Scottish Conservative Paul Masterson of East Renfrewshire responded to say “well said Simon”.

The next Conservative to join in was a minister – namely Sir Alan Duncan, who’s a minister of state at the Foreign Office:

Another minister of state at the Foreign Office is Alistair Burt, who had earlier tweeted:

Richard Benyon of Newbury called for politicians at both extremes to give it a rest:

Nicholas Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, had a few things to say too:

And minister for business and industry Richard Harrington said:

While Sarah Wollaston MP seemingly coined the phrase “Mogglodytes”:

Sky News political editor Faisal Islam summed it up perfectly, saying:


May is meeting with her ministers on Friday 6 July to discuss the government’s Brexit stance. Rather than coming together, though, the Conservatives seem to be pushing further apart. And if they can’t deliver on the single biggest issue this country faces, they should step aside for a government that can.

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