A Times columnist’s tweet exposes the most unbelievable Brexiteer hypocrisy

Nigel Farage celebrating the Brexit referendum result

In just one tweet, Times columnist Melanie Phillips ha exposed the most unbelievable Brexiteer hypocrisy:

Farage for prime minister?

Give Nigel Farage a peerage, and make him prime minister. That’s her grand plan to restore faith in the “democratic process”. The man who has failed on seven separate occasions to become an MP:

Thankfully, people on social media quickly called out Phillips’ plan for what it is:

Dangerously funny

Some found Phillips’ proposal hilarious:

But while the absurdity is amusing, it exposes the dangerous hypocrisy at the heart of many hard-line Brexiteers. In July 2017, Phillips wrote about the myth of “hard Brexit”, concluding that Remainers:

have hijacked the language in order to mask their intended hijack of the democratic process for their anti-democratic ends… Not only is this incipient Remainer revolt anti-democratic – it is also treachery against the interests of the UK itself.

It seems out of character for someone so obsessed with honouring the democratic process to be willing to airlift Farage into office. Especially since the public rejected all of his previous attempts.

Maybe she has another agenda?

Turning a blind eye

The Brexit campaign has been defined by its nationalistic agenda. Brexiteers continually advocate that leaving the EU will allow Britain to control its borders:

Or they abuse people’s love of national institutions:

George Orwell wrote:

All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts… Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them.

Phillips’ tweet exposes the dangerous hypocrisy of such a position. She has continually attacked Remainers for trying to ‘hijack’ democracy, yet feels that circumventing the entire democratic process in the name of Brexit is completely fine.

It’s almost as if her dishonesty mirrors the entire Brexit campaign.

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