Ireland puts its Trump-welcoming neighbours to shame by taking a brave stand against Israeli occupation

Irish flag in Ireland
Ed Sykes

As the UK government welcomed US president Donald Trump to its shores this week, Ireland put its neighbours to shame by taking a brave stand against illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine.

On 11 July, Ireland moved forward with a bill to ban products from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The country’s Seanad (upper house) passed the bill with 25 in favour, 20 against, and 14 [paywall] abstentions. It will also need to pass in the Dáil (lower house) in order to become law.

If passed, the legislation would prevent [paywall]:

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the import and sales of goods, services and natural resources originating in illegal settlements in occupied territories.

“A first step, but an important one”

Independent senator Frances Black, who sponsored [paywall] the bill, tweeted:

this is a first step, but an important one. Today we state strongly: Ireland will always stand for [international] humanitarian law, justice & human rights. Onwards.

She had previously explained why people should get behind the bill, saying:

In the occupied territories, people are forcibly kicked out of their homes, fertile farming land is seized, and the fruit and vegetables produced are then sold on Irish shelves to pay for it all…

These settlements are war crimes, and it’s time for Ireland to show some leadership and refuse to support them.

The bill had also received support from high-profile public figures like Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters:

“Ireland setting a fantastic example!”

People on social media soon responded to the Seanad victory with thanks and praise for Black and her colleagues:

Ireland is putting its UK neighbours to shame

The Seanad vote comes in the wake of Israel’s massacre of at least 60 Palestinian protesters in Gaza on 14 May, and the overall murder of over 120 Palestinian civilians in recent months – offences which have attracted UN condemnation. Amid allegations of war crimes in both the West Bank and Gaza, there is every reason to hold Israel to account. That’s why, from Spain to Ireland, cities are taking firm action against Israel.

The UK government, however, has taken Israel’s sidefailing miserably to hold its ally to account. It’s currently schmoozing with Donald Trump – the man whose actions have only worsened the situation in Palestine.

Ireland, on the other hand, is leading the way. By taking real steps to hold Israel to account for its human rights abuses in Palestine, it’s putting its British neighbours to shame.

Get Involved!

– Support the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Also, find out more about the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, and see previous Canary articles on Israel.

– UK citizens can write to their national or local politicians to share their concerns and demand action.

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