Twitter users tear Anna Soubry’s hypocritical attack on the DWP to pieces

A photo of Anna Soubry MP
Nathan Griffiths

Anna Soubry recently took to Twitter to condemn the horrific effects of benefit cuts. But her hypocrisy was quickly exposed by users who reminded her that this is exactly what she voted for.

No ifs, no buts

Soubry responded to a story from the Times about Jean Godfrey, a woman whose granddaughter Emily Lydon suffers from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD – a serious brain disease). They may lose their home because of benefit cuts linked to Universal Credit.

The DWP made Lydon attend a work capability assessment. Following a review, the pair saw their joint benefits reduced from £720 a week to £342. Lydon received only £58 a week in Universal Credit, resulting in a £520 a week reduction.

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Soubry tweeted:

No ifs no buts no excuses this is a disgrace & NOT what I voted for when supporting much-needed benefit reforms

But it was the “much-needed benefit reforms” by Soubry’s party in government that resulted in this situation. So Twitter users were quick to call out the Tory MP’s hypocrisy.

“Crocodile tears”

Soubry’s tweet received hundreds of responses, with many reminding her that this is exactly what she and her party had voted for:

Even Soubry’s supporters were quick to condemn her stunning hypocrisy.

Voting record

Soubry’s voting record shows that she has consistently voted against improving benefits for claimants. Indeed, she specifically voted “against paying higher benefits over longer periods of time for those unable to work due to illness or disability”. She also consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices. Instead, she voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

Soubry’s voting record on Universal Credit shows she is complicit in the suffering of people like Lydon and her grandmother. Soubry voted to introduce Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and to remove limited capability for work (an additional payment if you struggle to work due to a health condition or disability) from Universal Credit. Soubry even voted against setting the lower rate of the Universal Credit payment in relation to disabled children and young people at a minimum of two thirds of the higher rate.

Real change

It would be very refreshing to see Soubry condemn benefit cuts and Universal Credit the next time she is in parliament. But judging from her voting record, we shouldn’t hold our breath. Britain needs real change, not fake compassion and empty promises.

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