Watch Barry Gardiner ambush Robert Peston with the host’s true colours, on his own show

Barry Gardiner and Robert Peston

On 28 November, Labour’s Barry Gardiner ambushed Robert Peston with a tweet showing some of the host’s own true colours. Appearing on Peston, Gardiner pointed out that Peston tweeted that the Brexit debate was “becoming cruel” for the prime minister.

“Cruelty is when…”

The shadow secretary for international trade wasn’t impressed:

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Peston retorted that Gardiner was

making an absurd political point

But others on social media disagreed:

Gardiner later expanded on Labour’s Brexit policy and what will happen if May’s deal is voted down:

How likely is a general election?

Like Gardiner says, there could well be a general election. If a simple majority of MPs vote ‘no-confidence’ in May and no alternative government forms within 14 days, a general election automatically goes ahead.

Parliament has been in deadlock over leaving the EU since the 2017 general election. And with Brexit coming to a head, it’s difficult to see where the Conservative Party can turn.

With that in mind, it’s important to call out the corporate media when pundits try and paint May as the victim. She has a rich family, but has still been implementing the Conservatives’ counterproductive austerity regime on working people. Gardiner is spot on to take Peston to task on the matter.

Featured image via Corbynator/ Twitter

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