Owen Jones lays bare Chuka Umunna’s history of careerist flip-flopping

Owen Jones and Chuka Umunna
Joshua Funnell

Chuka Umunna, the face of Labour centrism, went into meltdown again on 7 February, calling Jeremy Corbyn’s new Brexit offer “nonsense“.

But one person who hasn’t taken this lying down is Owen Jones, who savagely laid into Umunna for his history of careerism and convenient policy flip-flopping.

Umunna has a tantrum, again…

Responding to Corbyn’s new Brexit offer to Theresa May, Umunna launched into the following incendiary rant:

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Owen Jones had seen enough

Reflecting the growing frustration of Labour members with the constant centrist sabotage, Jones tore into Umunna over his Brexit hypocrisy:

And as Jones further clarified:

Jones then reminded people of some little-known ‘hard left’ policy positions Umunna previously held when attempting to get elected in Streatham in 2008:


Jones also gave an insight into Umunna’s mentality by referencing the time Umunna called people “trash” on the so-called ‘MySpace for Millionaires’, ASmallWorld. And he pointed out that Umunna’s plans for a new centrist party will “help the Tories stay in power”:

Further people highlighted other times when Umunna’s opinions have changed:

Clare Hepworth pointed out a key point regarding Umunna standing in the 2017 General Election:

But as Michael Walker of Novara Media put it, career comes first for Umunna:

The slow demise of Umunna

Umunna, who was privately educated at St Dunstan’s College, was once Labour’s shadow business secretary. Such were his future prospects as Labour leader, his Wikipedia was once mysteriously edited by a computer at Umunna’s old law firm to read “may end up as the UK’s Barack Obama”.  However, since the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, Umunna’s only achievement seems to be endlessly sowing the seeds of sabotage in the Labour Party.

As The Canary recently reported, democratic reforms in his local Labour party mean that pressure will increase to deselect him before the next election. And so with nothing left to lose, Umunna may throw caution to the wind and become even more disruptive in the weeks to come.

Jones’ intervention shows that the Corbyn-left thinks enough is enough. One way or another, it’s time for the centrists to leave.

Featured image via screenshot and Chris Andrew/WikimediaCommons

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