The Daily Mirror gives The Sun a run for its money with a front-page feature for the NZ terrorist

Mirror logo and scene of terror crime
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The Daily Mirror has given the Sun a run for its money with a front-page feature on the New Zealand mass murderer. On 15 March, a far-right terrorist massacred 49 people and injured at least 48 others across two mosques in Christchurch.

“Angelic boy”

Now, the Daily Mirror is facing heavy criticism for its leading response:

The front-page seems to humanise the murderer rather than pay tribute to the victims. This contrasts with the Mirror coverage of the Islamic terrorists behind the Paris attacks in November 2015:

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People noted the “racist” double standards:

On top of its front-page, the Mirror (and the Daily Mail and the Sun) ignored requests from the New Zealand police and initially featured parts of the terrorist’s video on its website. In response, John Mann MP called for resignations at both the Mirror and the Mail.

“Are you the f*cking Daily Mail now?”

People were not impressed with the Mirror‘s approach:

Others used imagery to make their point:

When push comes to shove, the Mirror behaves no better than the other hate-filled rags in the UK. It’s no wonder the UK public trusts its press the least in Europe by some distance.

Nobody should publicise the terrorist beyond providing the necessary facts. Because it risks creating a greater incentive for others to carry out murders and make a name for themselves. Our focus should be on the victims. Shame on the Mirror.

Featured image via BBC News/ YouTube

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    1. Let’s get real, we are slaves..! System don’t give f-.but . Don’t expect any compassion from the medias just look who owns them… Labelling an individual who planned a massacre three months prior as “mentally challenged” or “psychopath” makes zero sense to me. He planned it for 2 years. Nasty person!!! The whole Government is corrupt… it was well planned… Zionists Mass Media and Politicians have the most blood on their hands! No doubt about that! That’s how crusader behaves! The Governments of the world need to stop the hate preachers that promote the white supremacist agenda, and put them on a watch list. The Government knew 100% they were prepared to react afterwards when he was finished with his massacre. They let it happen that’s a FACT. They knew he bought the automatic weapons even though he was just on work Visa in New Zeeland. Why would you buy a full arsenal of weapons if your just there to work? I don’t know if you have ever been in Aussi or NZ but you cannot even bring in bananas in to the country without them knowing. And you want to tell me an immigrant worker (which he was) buys openly a full arsenal of automatic weapons and you don’t even ask why, check him up or keep an eye on him? Common I’m not that stupid!

      Such hypocrisy and ignorance, how the Daily Mirror called this demon an “Angelic boy”, they are literally bathing in their hypocrisy and ignorance. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw that 3 year old boy being held in the arms of a man, that was shot by this “Angelic boy”. This is despicable, the Daily Mirror should be ashamed of themselves. Anders Behring Breivik is not mass murderer he is a terrorist that hates Islam. People like Tommy Robinson, Trump including Speakers Corner Hatun DCCI-gang are the reason why people are filled with hate against Muslims! These people are dedicated to creating misconceptions about Islam! He was a white supremacist who has been sheltered by the politicians to win support and win votes. The man who did this must be sick in the head, like his hero Anders Breivik! Words fail really… This thing is considering himself a hero, but in fact he is a cowardly terrorist who has trained himself for years to attack innocent and unarmed people and from behind, killing men, women, children and elderly…

      This man knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a global reaction. If you didn’t share the video I commend you. His actions are unjustifiable as I don’t even think the worst of serial killers and fascist far right minded people would have thought of this. But at the end of the day be careful what you preach as someone out there would follow in your footpath so if you direct hate towards a race ethnic minority group or faith there are sheep that will also take your teachings and interpret it in their own way which is the scary aspect of our creation. We have free will and it’s our mind that helps us create our vision good or bad to carry out the choices we make. Absolutely shocked by this cowardly act. But to say his an lone ranger is repulsive. It was calculated and executed to a ‘T’. Obviously showed no remorse. Further to this story it has now been proven that he travelled to Europe, before this attack. So it begs the question was he alone or did he have an political motive. Facts show otherwise. So to called him ‘Angelic boy turned evil’ is crazy. Clearly he had these ideas festering in his twisted mind. The facts are clear that we live in a world were non-white live have no value, especially if you’re a Muslim. #Muslimlivesmatter One more point the Metro Newspaper put out a statistic that 2 in 5 terrorist are white. Let’s think about that. As terrorist come in all shapes and forms.

      “The Far Right are not the problem, the problem is the politicians and media which allow them to thrive.” Politics is crazy dirty they always blame the wrong side. What do you expect from those that hate Islam …….. It comes from the highest level of government. To the lowest of the low. I don’t understand why these people are calling him “racist” HE IS A TERRORIST. Only Muslims can be terrorist. whites people are raciest. Terrorism has no religion it can be Christians too. He is a Christian terrorist. End of story. White people aren’t labelled as terrorists. Only brown people can be called terrorists, no matter how many lives are lost. Being terrorist has nothing to do with skin colour or religion, Humans are humans. If a white Christian does it he is terrorist!! There is no place here on earth for racism. Although there are, many have been silenced. This man was a clear terrorist. Hope he burns in hell forever. He was both a racist and a terrorist he targeted a very specific place said he hated immigrants. That’s racism in a nutshell. He’s a SELF-PROCLAIMED RACIST and A TERRORIST…. He really had the nerve to do a white supremacy symbol in court? The Global Terrorism Database shows that over each of the last 10 years about 50% of global terrorists incidents were committed by non-Muslim groups. This particular incident in Christchurch will trigger the beginning of a new era that will much better and peaceful.

      There is not hate in Islam. Western governments and media are focusing on their anti-religious agenda. It just so happens that they are unnecessarily and systematically picking on Muslims. Well said. The hate comes from governments and the media themselves and they are the real enemy and this kind of mindset must be destroyed. If Islam hates the West, then why do America and the UK trade with Saudi Arabia, making billions of pounds each year. This is total hypocrisy. Unfortunately, these kinds of atrocities will keep on happening until the public start thinking independently and cease being influenced by hate and self-interest. If I mistakenly kill an animal, I would be sad for, not days but years. And this guy kills innocent humans and is still smiling. And they call us terrorists. This world is cruel but it’s beautiful as well, cuz great Muslims are still alive.He’s smiling because he’s made of pure hate. I once killed a lizard by mistake. 4yrs later I still feel terrible. This dude killed children, and didn’t bat an eye. I know, It’s so sad how people can be so heartless. The women lying on the street said help me so he shot her a further 3 times .. no mercy. He went to the wrong mosque and at a quiet time. Usually before prayers it’s the old and weak who come first. Little kids running around and older folk just sheltering reading. It’s the usual stuff it’s because Ramadan is coming this time every year some sort of Islamophobia occurs. Always just before Ramadan. Nobody is noticing. It’s a trend. Just research all the recent events. When the Muslims are getting ready to fast and to concentrate on their self this stuff happens.

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