US establishment ‘centrists’ meet UK establishment ‘centrists’, and Twitter responds accordingly

Nancy Pelosi and Mike Gapes
Mohamed Elmaazi

US Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi met with three former Labour MPs on 14 April. Two of them helped found The Independent Group after leaving Labour. The speaker of the house of representatives tweeted:

In a recent interview, the speaker of the house, whose net worth in 2015 was estimated at more than $100m, confirmed her ‘rejection’ of “socialism”, and pushed her intention to “hold the centre”. Pelosi is clearly free to meet with whomever she sees fit. And she also met with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. But Twitter users were quick to respond to what they perceived as one group of pro-war and pro-corporate establishment types meeting another.

Warmongers unite

‘Weaponising antisemitism’

Investigative journalist Asa Winstanley saw similar connections:

The Canary has detailed how anti-Corbyn and establishment elements have been ‘weaponising antisemitism’ to push a “witch hunt” within the Labour Party, to smear the pro-Corbyn left. Pelosi is herself known for “staunchly pro-Israel” positions which include blaming Hamas for the Israeli slaughter of civilians in Gaza in 2009.

Commentator Gordon Dimmack glibly noted:

Novara Media’s Aaron Bastani, who is of mixed-Jewish heritage, said:

One tweeter explicitly drew connections to the ‘antisemitism’ smears against US congresswoman Ilhan Omar:

1%ers together

Others questioned Pelosi’s wisdom more generally:

The slams just kept coming in:

Pelosi’s choice to meet with neoliberal former Labour Party MPs should surprise no one. But as the replies show, the wider public will not keep quiet about what they believe this symbolises.

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