In two minutes Owen Jones does more than the entire media to expose Boris Johnson

Owen Jones
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In less than two minutes on 9 June, Owen Jones did more than the entire media has done in months to expose Boris Johnson.

Comprehensive takedown

Speaking to Sky News, Jones left no stone unturned when combating the Conservative leadership front-runner:


Jones said:

One of the… big faults at the moment, in this whole debate, is the lack of scrutiny of Boris Johnson… Why aren’t we asking – does he still think that gay people should be called ‘bum boys’? Does he still think that equal marriage should be compared to… three men marrying a dog?

Does he still believe that black people should be called piccaninnies with watermelon smiles? Does he still think that it’s acceptable to compare Muslim women to bank robbers and to letterboxes?

Why should we trust somebody who was sacked twice for dishonesty, once by his newspaper and once by a Conservative leader? Is somebody who once conspired with a criminal friend to beat up a journalist fit for high office? Is somebody who wrote one column supporting Remain and another column supporting Leave, is that somebody who is driven by anything else other than his own career?

The commentator continued, criticising the corporate media’s failings:

But we are not having this discussion because all too often… and I speak as somebody who has worked in the British media now for the best part of a decade, Boris Johnson is treated as a bit of a circus… a bit of a laugh, but he is somebody who has peddled racism, he’s serially dishonest, he’s a charlatan. But we’re not having that conversation because again – and it’s worth emphasising this – if you are from a posh background you can more or less get away with anything in this country.

Jones pulled no punches in his critique of Johnson. The corporate media, meanwhile, appears to be treating the man vying to be prime minister as a bit of a joke. This is a rank dereliction of duty.

Johnson or otherwise, the Conservatives have no mandate to simply impose another prime minister on the country. We need a general election now.

Featured image via Twitter – Ali Milani

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    1. you know, one of the EASIEST things, in a demockracy, is that the press covers, thoroughly, the character of the front runner for election. YEt, Here we are with Tax Frauds, Racists, Misogynists, Can’t account for their wealth, ON BOTH SIDES OF ATLANTIC AT SAME TIME; The fix is in. Being played. The national enquirer, roger stone, Jeff Zucker, Rupert Murdoch and The SUn,, arron banks, farage types are now the most savvy inner circle of the entire Anglo Sphere. All policy must come through this conduit! People should be ASHAMED.

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