Boris Johnson says all is well despite current Brexit chaos over fuel

A BP petrol garage
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Prime minister Boris Johnson says all is well despite driver and apparent fuel shortages. His comments come amid rumours of panic buying and fuel companies saying they’ve been forced to close petrol stations. So, is this the latest example of Boris Johnson’s claims about the advantages of Brexit coming apart?

The PM famously once claimed that leaving the EU meant £350 million more per week for the NHS. And that Brexit would also allow free ports to be established.

When discussing the apparent current fuel shortages on 24 September, a spokesperson for Johnson said:

It’s important to restate that there’s no shortage of fuel, so people should continue to buy it as usual. [For] fuel, as in food, we have a very resilient and robust supply chain. So, as I say, people should continue to shop for fuel as usual.

Fuel companies

However, there is some confusion over what exactly is going on. A BP spokesperson said:

We are experiencing fuel supply issues at some of our retail sites in the UK and unfortunately have therefore seen a handful of sites temporarily close due to a lack of both unleaded and diesel grades.

The Guardian reported that some Esso stations had also closed. While according to other news sources, a national shortage of HGV drivers – rather than a lack of fuel – was the problem.

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According to the Huffington Post, transport minister Grant Shapps refused to rule out using the military to help with the crisis.


There were reports of people panic buying fuel. Some reported queues for fuel in their towns and blamed Johnson.

Others blamed the press for stirring fear while putting the responsibility back onto Johnson:

One Twitter user also pointed out Johnson’s track record of dubious claims in recent years:

Another channeled the dystopian Mad Max movies:

For some, this was a predictable outcome of Brexit.

Others joked that the fuel crisis was part of a secret green agenda among Brexiteers to cut emissions.

Whatever the truth of the fuel crisis, Boris Johnson relationship to the truth is under scrutiny once again. This may well turn out to be the latest example of Brexit not turning out quite as advertised.

Image via Wikimedia Commons/Bryan Pready

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    1. Not all of us who use this site were opposed to Brexit.
      If the MPs and others who opposed the result had spent three years preparing for Brexit rather than trying to frustrate and reverse the decision, then many of these problems could have been sorted out a long time ago.
      A truck-driver friend of mine, who I dealt with weekly, was suddenly made redundant and the truck sold off.
      The following week the delivery was made by a Polish crew using a Polish-registered truck.
      I wonder which way he voted in the referendum !!
      Thousands of UK drivers were made redundant or left the industry because of under-cutting by Eastern European crews.
      Increasingly, our deliveries were made by Polish / Romanian / Bulgarian drivers.
      Typical of our dysfunctional society …. The laughing stock of Europe.

      1. The Confirmatory Vote was written into the Brexit Plan February 2018, ALL that noise about 2nd Ref and People’s Vote was spin from the spin Meister’s Blair, Mandelson and Campbell with one purpose and one purpose only, in mind.
        To, with somethething the Remoaners already had in their pocket, make such a noise that it would freak out the Brexiteers, and didn’t it JUST!
        Instead of hearing the UK Labour Party Campaign Messages people were fighting against the ONLY Party who could have ended 43 years of TORY HELL! Listening to The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES and the Billionaire Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY MSM, Polls, instead!
        Here we are, with an inbred Buffoon who did sweet naff all about Brexit, because he is “GREAT” Britain! Now he is licking Bolsanaro’s Balls for the scraps off Brazil’s Dinner Table!
        Now I wonder how many hardcore Brexiteers, would snatch conference 2018’s hand off, for that Confirmatory Vote! Instead of a fucked up, winged it Brexit deal that is not even near completion just made up on the fly!
        Britain is looking pretty shabby, and an inbred Buffoon is the PM, a Stalinist/Goebbels Tribute Act the Supportive Alternative Party and The PEOPLE’S Opposition to this Government are on the backbenches!

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