Jeremy Hunt tweets support for nurses, and gets absolutely destroyed (TWEETS)

Emily Apple

It was International Nurses Day on Thursday – held on 12 May to mark Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Many people took to Twitter to acknowledge and thank nurses for all they have done:

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But when Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (not known as a friend to the health service) sent this tweet, it backfired massively:

Given that Hunt is currently attempting to undermine the nursing profession by abolishing their bursaries, this response shouldn’t have come as a surprise:

Some responses were from nurses:

In fact, Hunt’s tweet received over 200 responses – none of which were positive.

Many called for him to resign:

Others wondered if it is was a joke:

And others commented on his behaviour during the debate on nursing bursaries:

According to a poll in February, Hunt is the most disliked politician of any political party, with 65% of those questioned claiming he was doing a bad job as Health Secretary. The reactions above certainly back up these findings.

Currently, nurses do not pay tuition fees, and they receive a means-tested bursary that reflects the amount of work they do while studying. The petition to save the bursaries, which has attracted over 160,000 signatures and forced a debate in parliament, states:

Student nurses often work alongside our studies, like most students. But unlike most students, we work full time hours in placement for around half the year, and spend the rest of the time in lectures, without a summer holiday, or an Easter break, as well as completing our assignments. Taking away the NHS Bursary will force more student nurses into working 70 hour weeks, as many already do, it will compromise our studies and most of all, our patient care.

Despite these facts, and the strength of support for nurses, the government is pushing ahead with its project to privatise the NHS. But public opinion seems to be very much against them. We must therefore harness this opposition before it’s too late, supporting the junior doctors and nurses while ensuring our NHS is never sold off to the highest bidder.

Get involved!

– Join the Bursary or Bust march on June 4 to support student nurses.

Write to Jeremy Hunt and let him know what you think.

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