The PM’s fumbling is catching up with her, and people are finally seeing her true colours [TWEETS]

Theresa May Cartoon
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Theresa May has been criticised for her incompetence, her bland authoritarianism, and her dedication to invasive surveillance. Now, people are also criticising her inability to make a decision. And the combination of the source and a catchy name means this view of her may be about to go mainstream. That source is a front cover of The Economist, which brands her:

Theresa Maybe

Of course, the idea that the Prime Minister has avoided doing very much isn’t new information to people who actually pay attention.

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Some people used the name as an excuse to make jokes.

On a serious note

Not everyone made a joke out of it, and nor should they. This person is running the country. The decisions she makes affect everyone.

Silver lining

Some even reasoned May wasn’t that bad, given her competition. Although, this is definitely damning with faint praise.

And this tweet may even be a little bit supportive. I think?

Money never sleeps

And finally, an online dildo retailer has attempted to hijack the hashtag in an attempt to sell their sex toys. Yet you probably have to wonder if that black and white image of her face is really going to get someone in the mood. Especially as it’s the stern face of a person who seems intent on passing laws which mean she can watch us whenever she wants.

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