Adding insult to injury, a UKIP bigwig says he’s ‘sick to death’ of hearing about Hillsborough [TWEETS]

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has been facing strong public scrutiny. He says he was at Hillsborough for the fateful FA Cup semi-final in 1989, but he has also admitted that claims on his website saying he lost “close friends” were untrue. Nuttall’s press officer took responsibility for these claims, saying that she was the one who wrote them. The blog entry was shared by sources such as the BBC at the time of its publication.

While this unfolded, another prominent UKIP figure was giving his opinion on the issue. That man is Arron Banks. A key UKIP donor, and one of the men pictured with Nigel Farage and Donald Trump last year.

“Sick to death of hearing about it”

Banks’ first criticism made it clear what his feelings are:

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The aftermath of the Hillsborough tragedy saw the longest inquest in British legal history. If it feels like it’s been going on for ‘forever’ to Arron Banks, it probably seems like a lot longer for the people who have spent a quarter of a century fighting for justice.

The Hillsborough inquiry found that 96 people were unlawfully killed. The various cogs of the establishment covered up the truth for years. Politicians, the media, and the police spread lies about what happened. So it was quite clearly more than just “an accident”.

Meet the ‘anti-establishment’, the same as the establishment

The Hillsborough tragedy was clearly an establishment cover-up. The irony is that UKIP portrays itself as being ‘anti-establishment’. Yet Banks is now trying to downplay the role that those in power played against the largely working-class victims.

Banks also referred to people who objected to his comments as displaying “fake outrage”:

But it was Banks who quite clearly showed “fake outrage”. Specifically when he brazenly tried to claim that he was being treated unfairly while back-pedalling on what he’d actually said:

Absent sympathies

On paper, UKIP should be supportive of the Hillsborough campaign. UKIP has spent decades fighting against what it sees as a ‘corrupt establishment’. The Hillsborough campaigners have done the same thing. And yet UKIP’s main donor aligns himself more closely with the people who abused their positions of power. Even after history has since shown them to be the ones who were at fault.

These are not the actions of a man who wants to put the people’s interests before those of the establishment.

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