Peter Stefanovic perfectly sums up Theresa May’s general election strategy [VIDEO]

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A lawyer-turned-campaigner has summed up the attitude of Theresa May’s government in the forthcoming general election. And he pulls no punches, accusing the PM of treating the public like “ignorant serfs”.


Peter Stefanovic is becoming well known on social media. He is getting a reputation for producing video shorts that cut through mainstream media bias; ones that tell the viewer the whole story on political and social issues. And in his latest video, he calls May out on her government’s attitude:

The Tories’ utter contempt

The “Number 10 source” Stefanovic refers to was quoted, with another, in The Sun. The article reads:

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There has been no public backlash to her going back on her word and deciding to have an early election after all. Ministers marvel at how May has got away with such a flagrant U-turn. ‘If I had tried that, I never would have heard the end of it,’ remarks one senior minister… When I asked another senior Tory how they would get people to go to the polls if they didn’t think Corbyn as PM was really a risk, I was told — only half-jokingly — ‘we need to frighten them.’

Appalling record

The very fact that the Tories’ main strategy is to “frighten” voters about Jeremy Corbyn, reveals that they are worried about what the Labour leader has to say. And Stefanovic is also right. May probably doesn’t want to answer questions about her party’s record in government. Because the facts don’t make for pretty reading:

  • Four million children are now living in poverty, a figure which rose by 100,000 in 2015/16. 67% of those are from working families.
  • Food bank usage has risen, with over half a million people reliant [paywall] on just the Trussell Trust for food packages.
  • In two reports, the UN heavily criticised the Tories for “grave” and “systematic” violations of disabled people’s human rights. The government, meanwhile, has severely cut their benefits.
  • National debt has increased by more than 50%.
  • Homelessness rose by 54% between 2010 and 2016.
  • The NHS has seen a real terms cut in the amount of money given to it per patient. While the amount of NHS money paid to ‘independent’ companies had more than doubled to over £8bn a year by 2016.
  • The government has cut the number of people getting social care by 26%. And it has cut the equivalent of almost £50m from children’s mental health services.

Get the Tories out

May said when announcing the election that:

Britain [needs] certainty, stability and strong leadership.

But if her brand of “strong leadership” is scaring the public and treating them like fools, then June really does need to be the “end of May”.

Get Involved!

Register to vote in the 8 June general election. If you don’t have a national insurance number, a 5 minute phone call on 0300 200 3500 will get it sent to you in ten days.

– Discuss the key policy issues with family members, colleagues and neighbours. And organise! Join (and participate in the activities of) a union, an activist group, and/or a political party.

– Also read more Canary articles on the 2017 general election.

Featured image via Peter Stefanovic/screengrab

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