Angela Rayner sums up the BBC debate in just six tweets. And they’re hilarious

Emily Apple

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner was live-tweeting during the BBC debate on 31 May. And she managed to sum up the whole debate in just six tweets.

First, she posted about Theresa May’s non-appearance:

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Next, she highlighted the Conservatives’ new buzzword:

She then hilariously summed up Amber Rudd’s performance:

Others also made the ‘weakest link’ connection:

Rayner, meanwhile, continued with an evaluation of the audience’s reaction to Rudd:

She then addressed the subject that many of us were wondering about:

And finally, she gave Theresa May the heads up she’d been waiting for:

Rayner is one of those rare politicians who speaks with huge amounts of passion and shows she really understands the issues at stake. But as these tweets show, she’s also funny and concise. And in just six tweets, she captured the debate brilliantly.

Featured image via screengrab

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