The good news keeps on coming for Labour as the Corbyn surge goes ballistic

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Just days after the election, Labour has received two bits of very good news. Firstly, its membership has surged since the general election. Secondly, a new poll suggests that, were there to be another general election, Labour would now beat the Conservatives by a country mile.

By the end of the New Labour era, Labour’s membership had dropped to just over 150,000. Now the party, already the largest social democratic one in Europe, has had a surge in membership since the election  – and has the million mark in its sights.

But it gets better for Jeremy Corbyn and his team. A new poll by Survation – a company whose final poll before the election accurately predicted that Labour would win 40% of the vote – puts Labour a staggering six points ahead of the Conservatives. If a general election were held tomorrow, the poll suggests, Labour would get 45% of the vote. The Conservatives would get just 39%.

A general election won’t be held tomorrow. But many predict that one will be held this year.

Voters are flocking to Corbyn’s Labour

Despite being routinely undermined by his own party and smeared by almost the entire mainstream media, Corbyn’s Labour won 40% of the vote share in the election. It was the biggest increase in vote share for Labour in any election since 1945:

But Labour didn’t just do well in the election; it did well on a rapidly ascending trajectory. And the Conservatives didn’t just do badly; they have descended into all-out chaos.

Before the election campaign started, the British public knew very little about the real Corbyn or the real May. Corbyn had been wilfully misrepresented by the media on a massive scale. May was a new and invisible Prime Minister who largely hid behind platitudes written by others. Now a period of fairer coverage by the broadcast media – thanks to election rules – means people have seen both for what they really are.

Then the results of the election itself showed the wider electorate just what was possible. Corbyn wasn’t ‘unelectable’ after all; people turned out in their millions to vote for him.

Now, members are flocking to Corbyn’s Labour. Voters are flocking to Corbyn’s Labour. And that is fantastic news for everyone who wants to see a progressive Prime Minister in Number 10.

Correction: This article originally stated that 150,000 new members had signed up to the Labour Party, based on comments by Richard Burgon MP. However, the Labour leader’s office has since said it doesn’t recognise this figure.  The article was updated accordingly at 10am on 13 June.

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