A disgraced UKIP MEP tried to engage with modern culture. It didn’t go well for him [TWEETS]

UKIP MEP Roger Helmer has a long history of saying preposterous things. He has also been forced to step down from the European Parliament for allegedly misusing public funds. But before leaving his post in disgrace, he managed to embarrass himself one more time.

Roger Helmer MEP

Helmer has previously said that date rape victims should share responsibility for the act. He has also said homophobia “simply does not exist” because he has “never met anyone with an irrational fear of homosexuals”. An argument which is popular among children wise enough to know what ‘phobia’ means, but not so wise as to understand that words commonly have multiple meanings.

He’s also seen as being so preposterous, and his party so irrelevant, that people reacted to his latest insult with mockery; which may be the best course, as taking him seriously would suggest he was still a serious proposition.

This is what Helmer said:

And this is how Twitter responded:

Others pointed out that even Doctor Who‘s creator (who was born in 1917) was more progressive:

And that UKIP representatives maybe shouldn’t mention dogs in public:

Quit while you’re behind

A credible politician would know not to compare women to animals. They would be aware of the history of women having fewer human rights than men. They would be aware of women being dismissed as ‘bitches’. They would also realise that women make up half of the electorate. And they would see women as, you know, actual people.

A credible human being wouldn’t think such drivel in the first place, obviously.

What’s unbelievable is that not only did Helmer not apologise, he instead attempted to defend his position:

Spectacularly, Helmer attempts to claim that his point was:

  1. “Gender-neutral”.
  2. About the Doctor changing gender.

Two paradoxical stances that are explicitly irreconcilable. Even for someone with such an in-depth understanding of Time Lord technology.

And, of course, Helmer was mocked again:

Calling them out

Obviously, bigotry and prejudice need to be called out wherever they’re found. Especially when it’s at the highest level of office.

Roger Helmer is at the lowest level of office, though, and he’s on his way out. As such, the best way of putting him in his place is by taking the piss. Because the alternative is giving him the impression that people still take him seriously.

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