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The world reacts to Theresa May’s Brexit speech and the PM seems to have pissed off everyone [TWEETS]

Theresa May’s 22 September speech in Florence has failed to soothe the troubled Brexit waters. Straddling awkward middle ground between the two warring factions of her own party, May tried to keep everyone happy. But in doing so, it seems she has pleased no-one.

Credit rating

Within hours of May’s address, international credit rating agency, Moody’s, downgraded Britain’s rating to its lowest ever level. The agency said of the UK, now positioned at AA2 that:

While the government seeks a ‘deep and comprehensive free trade agreement’ with the EU, even such a best case scenario would not award the same access to the EU single market that the UK currently enjoys.

Opposition reaction

With warning signs being given from the financial sphere, several EU and Labour figures have been quick to point out the weakness of May’s position. First off, Shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, had this to say:

Meanwhile, Chief Brexit Negotiator for the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, praised May for admitting that a minimum two-year transitional period will be needed. This, of course, represents a climbdown from her previous position. But he poured scorn on her suggestion of an EU migrant registration scheme, saying it was “out of the question”.

Attacked from both sides

In issuing nothing but vague statements [paywall] for months, then delivering this lame duck speech, May has managed to anger both Leavers and Remainers on Twitter.

Many were quick to recognise the shambles Brexit has become:

Nigel Farage was not best pleased:

But neither was this Remainer:

While Nick Robinson of the BBC summed it up like this:

Quite simply, the PM looks increasingly friendless. Not to mention bereft of ideas. It is very difficult to see how she continues from here.

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