The texts from Theresa May’s own MPs that suggest her government is on the brink of collapse


Given the outbursts from Conservative MPs, it looks like Theresa May’s government is on the brink of collapse. Sky News senior political correspondent Beth Rigby reported:

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Another text from a senior Conservative MP doesn’t really paint a better picture:

“Weaker than any of us thought”

On 1 November, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon resigned. Chief Whip Gavin Williamson took his position, causing what looks like a civil war within the Conservative Party. The New Statesman reports that a female Conservative MP simply called Williamson a “self-serving cunt”.

Many Conservatives are now openly gunning for May. ITV‘s Robert Peston reports that even MPs “formerly loyal” to the Prime Minister are turning against her:

But not everyone is up in arms. Theresa May’s former chief of staff tweeted:

Although this did not provoke a positive reaction from prominent Conservative MP Anna Soubry:

On top of that, even Conservative ministers aren’t holding back. Jason Groves, Political Editor of The Daily Mail, tweeted:

One other minister told BuzzFeed News that the appointment has “gone down like a cup of cold sick”, while another attacked Williamson and suggested he has leadership ambitions:

Rocky government

May’s government has been on the rocks since she lost her parliamentary majority in the 2017 general election. As a result, the Prime Minister was forced to enter a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to maintain her grip on power. This cost the taxpayer £1bn.

At the Conservative Party conference in October, May’s flagship speech was widely denounced as a disaster from across the political spectrum. Even Rupert Murdoch’s The Times announced that the Prime Minister was on her “final warning” on its front page. It’s unclear whether she’ll survive another episode. Especially with so many of May’s own MPs openly attacking her.

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