Meghan Markle’s opinion of a Tory statesman suggests she’s more traditional than people think [TWEETS]

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There have been some weird and grotesque criticisms of Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle. Not criticisms of the Royal Family existing in the first place (an opinion many decent people hold), but criticisms from royalists who object on other grounds. Chief among them was this from The Spectator:

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And these from the readers of The Daily Mail:

Meghan Markle might be more in line with right-wing thinking than these people realise, though. That or she’s entirely detached from reality. Although either quality will serve her well as a royal.

Brexit means exit

The EU referendum of 2016 was called by David Cameron. His promise to hold it was widely regarded as an attempt to keep elements of his party in line. And when it didn’t go his way, Cameron resigned and left the rest of us to deal with Brexit.

This is what Markle had to say about Cameron’s exit from Brexit:


Since that tweet was unearthed, people have been quick to point out that:

People have also criticised Markle’s description of Cameron as being a “class act”:

And they pointed out that Cameron’s exit was in itself problematic:


It could be that Markle just didn’t know much about UK politics. It could be that she’ll develop into a well-rounded person with an interesting perspective on UK politics. But even if she doesn’t, we’ll be seeing a lot of her regardless. We are paying for her, after all. Much like how we’re still paying for the decisions of David ‘class act’ Cameron.

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