Today’s Daily Mail front page is a little bit more than ironic

The Daily Mail logo altered to read 'Daily Fail'
Fréa Lockley

So far, the only post-Brexit certainty seems to be that we will have blue passports. But on 22 March, it emerged that De La Rue, the company that currently supplies UK passports, has lost the contract. From 2019, Franco-Dutch firm Gemalto will make UK passports. The Daily Mail went into meltdown about this.

Their front page claims “Britain’s ruling class” is full of “hate” and that ministers should “Stand up for Britain”. People on social media have been quick to point out the irony.

“Why do you hate our country?”

The Daily Mail seems a little bit cross:

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But in 2010, the Mail was critical when De La Rue got the contract in the first place. Apparently, De la Rue cost “taxpayers £100million more than a rival Greater Manchester-based ­company, which has made our passports for the past 40 years”.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg:

People have pointed out other inconsistencies in the Mail‘s xenophobic ‘logic’:

Own goal

The Daily Mail is edited by Paul Dacre and owned by Viscount RothermereThe Guardian has suggested Dacre may be “the most dangerous man in Britain”. In 2016, after emphatic support for Brexit, the Mail described Remainers as “saboteurs” and High Court judges who ruled on Article 50 as “enemies”. Its reporting was condemned by The Guardian after a High Court ruling:

with many claiming it was inciting hatred with its front page story, which carried the headline ‘Enemies of the people’, alongside images of the three judges.

So its current front page has provoked quite a reaction. Because the Mail seems confused about who it actually does support now and how post-Brexit economics might work:

Although as others pointed out, this front page is actually a welcome break:

If nothing else, the Daily Mail excels in stirring up hate. This time, their hatred seems to be a bit of an own goal. Well done.

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