WATCH Vince Cable suffer a massive on-air blow to his plan to relaunch the LibDems

Vince Cable at Lib Dem conference
Nathan Griffiths

Vince Cable just suffered a massive blow to his plan to relaunch the LibDems during a humiliating interview with ITV News. The blow being that people don’t seem to know who he is.

The Interview

The humiliating interview saw ITV London ask Londoners if they know who the current leader of the Liberal Democrats is. Only two respondents knew his name, with others guessing he was “the guy that was on the dancing”. Almost half admitted they didn’t have a clue who he was, with one person thinking that Tim Farron was still in charge.

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ITV presented the results to Cable during an interview, stating: “We asked Londoners this morning if they could name the leader of the Liberal Democrats… out of 10, just two knew your name”.

A flustered Cable criticised the results stating: “Well that was a very peculiar sample, because I think most of the surveys I’ve suggested [show] not that people know my name, but they actually approve of it”.

LibDem Leadership

Vox pop polls like this are a bit of a TV cliche and don’t really prove much. But still, it was an unwelcome blow for Cable. And it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the LibDem leader as he attempts to cement his ambitions for the party at its annual conference. Following the LibDems’ disappointing result in the general election, Cable will be looking forward to his opportunity to address his members and revitalise faith in his party. Let’s just hope for his sake that his members know who will be addressing them.

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Nathan Griffiths