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And what a week it was!

A week in which Theresa May once more announced an end to austerity! A week in which the media took this claim at face value! And a week in which print sales continued to decline!

But what else happened?

Let’s look back and see:

Theresa May saying: "Not you... or you... you can piss right off"May promises ‘opportunity for all’ (TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY)

by John Shafthauer

Theresa May’s speech is the mouse dropping on the dog turd that is the Conservative Party Conference. In previous years, she’s forgotten her words, slandered the Scout Association, and accidentally declared war on Norway.

This year, to avoid any more verbal spaghetti, she made sure to read out a lengthy ‘terms and conditions’ section.

Read on...

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T&Cs May apply

As she does, May promised:

Opportunity for all!

She then read out the small print of this promise at a speed which was only decipherable when slowed down six times:

The term ‘for all’ may not in fact apply to ‘all’, and inclusion in the bracket will be reliant on several factors. A person’s value will be determined by the following measures: ethnicity, age, geographical location, opinion on the comedy stylings of Jim Davidson, willingness to ignore the plight of others, ability to believe in austerity despite eight long years of failure, and a deep love for tweed.

A person’s worth will see points deducted for: protesting, complaining, looking like the sort of person who does either, speaking out against power, reading news sources that aren’t owned by billionaires, or becoming sick/disabled/pregnant.


Towards the end of her speech, May was speaking so fast that no one has been able to decipher it – even when slowed down. It turns out there are so many people excluded by Tory policy that a forty minute speech isn’t enough to name them all.

The front pages for Thursday 5 October - all showing May dancing & pointing out her promise to allegedly end austerityLiar promises to end austerity again but this time with dancing

by John Shafthauer

Theresa May and the government before her have previously said austerity is ending. This was reported at the time, and although the media knows the same old lie is repackaged every year, they couldn’t help but become distracted, because LOOK, SHE DID A LITTLE FUCKING DANCE!

ABBA dabba F.U.

May came out jiving to Dancing Queen by ABBA. She then proceeded to:

  • Talk nonsense.
  • Remix Labour’s slogans.
  • Offer nothing new.
  • Claim austerity has worked despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  • Promise to end austerity (again (A-FUCKING-GAIN!))

This left newspaper editors with a dilemma:

Except – ha ha – no. Obviously there was no dilemma, no danger of it being framed as:


No. How could that be the angle? SHE DID A LITTLE FUCKING DANCE.

It isn’t the media’s job to question those in power or highlight past wrongs. It’s the media’s job to point out SHE DANCED ONTO THE STAGE – LOOK AT HER FUCKING GO – DON’T LOOK AT THE AUSTERITY – LOOK AT THE MOVES – THIS IS STRICTLY COME CHANCING AND THEN SOME!


In the interest of balance, we should point out that Theresa May did do a little dance. As such, and with only 16 hours to prepare, it’s understandable that editors didn’t have time to put together better front pages with CRITICAL FUCKING ANALYSIS.

Disabled protestors - one of the signs they're holding up reads 'FAKE NEWS?'Shafted disabled people unconvinced by Esther McVey’s claim that they’re ‘fake news’

by John Shafthauer

Tory welfare boss Esther McVey has claimed that benefit cuts are “fake news”. She also insinuated that everyone accusing the Tories of “letting down the most vulnerable in society” was spreading lies.

There’s a problem with her claims, though. Namely that the people accusing the government of targeting the most vulnerable are often – you guessed it – the most vulnerable.

Fake ‘fake news’

Off The Perch caught up with some of these alleged disabled liars. A woman named Karen told us:

I went on a protest with hundreds of other disabled people. Or maybe I didn’t? It’s hard to say – maybe we all imagined it, or maybe the pictures from the day were photoshopped? Maybe I’m not even disabled? Maybe I’m not even real?

The belief that many disabled people aren’t real is shared by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). They’ve been trying to prove this theory by – for example – telling tetraplegic people they’re fit to work. It turned out many disabled people did cease to exist when the government started treating them this way. As such, the idea that the government has driven disabled people to death is far from ‘fake news’.

Real issues

Michael, another disabled person, told us:

I was happy when I heard cuts to disabled people were fake news. Turns out all my sanctions are still in place, though, and I’m continuing to get less now than a year ago.

I’m starting to suspect Esther McVey isn’t very honest.

The DWP responded to these accusations by releasing several statements which were at best confusing, on average besides the point, and at worst total horseshit.

The pigs from Animal FarmPoor people love their sh*tty zero-hour jobs, claim capitalist pigs

by John Shafthauer

Some people like having zero-hour contracts. They enable a person to maintain a balance between their work and social life. But this statement overlooks low-paid jobs and the fact that:



There’s a willful attempt here to confuse things. On the one hand, we have:

  • People with good jobs who can afford to maintain a situation in which they aren’t guaranteed work every day.

These people are ?.

The other group are:

  • People who have zero-hour contracts because their employer realised it gives them the freedom to not give employees work whenever they feel like earning a bit more money.

These people are ?.

When people talk about the issues with zero-hour contracts, they are talking about those who are ?. Pointing to the ? people as evidence there’s no problem is like using the autobahn as proof that motorists should be able to do 120mph in a school zone.


Of course, there’s a very good reason why the right wing tell us we love shitty jobs. It’s because they know people are on to them, and that leaves two options:

  • Fix the problem.
  • Lie through their fucking teeth.

Although if you’re a Tory, that’s really only one option.

Image from Theresa May's Observer article and above it the message reads 'HAVE YOU BEEN MIS-SOLD CENTRISM BY THIS WOMAN?'The Observer gives known centrist fraudster a platform to defraud centrists

by John Shafthauer

Theresa May is the UK’s most notorious defrauder of centrists. Although she’s always loved a bit of it, she’s been defrauding the political centre on a grand scale since 2016. Despite that, no one at the Observer recognised her when she walked into their offices:

Serious fraud

The geniuses at the Observer didn’t just give May a column – they put her on the front page:

According to a cleaner at the Observer offices:

I was getting on with my job when I saw that famous political conwoman walk in. I went up to the paper’s editor and said, ‘That’s her – that’s the woman who conned all them voters into thinking she was the moderate option!’

I had a picture and everything, but this editor says, ‘Don’t be silly. This conwoman you’re showing me isn’t wearing a hat, and the person we’re about to interview clearly is.’

For the grifters

Once in the Observer offices, May penned an article that promised:

  • The country is only 45 minutes away from centrism!
  • The PM will discover who caused the hostile environment and give them a jolly good talking to!
  • A number of new homes will be built that may contain some of the same numbers as the amount of houses actually needed!

Despite this obvious embarrassment, the Observer has stood by their ‘journalism’. This was doubly embarrassing, as May had swiped their trousers – leaving them standing there with their underpants on show.

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