Kerry-Anne Mendoza: ‘The reason for my leaving is personal and simple…’

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It is with great sadness that we prepare to say farewell to The Canary’s co-founder and editor-at-large, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, at the end of this month. Kerry-Anne has recorded a message for you all.

In her own words, Kerry-Anne needs to leave the front line for a period of time, in order to continue her mental health recovery. She will step down as editor-at-large and director, handing her shares in parent company Canary Media Limited over to colleagues.

Kerry-Anne will rejoin the fray when she is ready. Whatever role she plays in the future, we are sure she will continue to be a leading force in the fight against injustice in our world.

The whole team wishes Kerry-Anne well; we and Canaries past owe her a great debt of gratitude for the guidance, training and wisdom she has so generously shared.

The Canary continues, ever committed to our aims, and we do so with the support of our loyal readers.

Kerry-Anne leaves in the knowledge that The Canary is in safe hands. Editor-in-chief Drew Rose, chief operating officer Nancy Mendoza, senior editor Emily Apple, and the rest of the leadership team are already steering The Canary through new developments and initiatives. From the perspective of our readers, the transition will be completely seamless, and has already been under way for some weeks.

Please join us in the comments to wish Kerry-Anne well, and leave any messages of encouragement.

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    1. My best wishes and solidarity to Kerry-Anne. Kerry-Anne you are amazing and an inspirational role-model. I know the ‘Canary’ will be in good hands, but I for one will miss your insightful articles – kisses and hugs.

    2. I’m quite new to the Canary but it was your eloquent and passionate writing that got me on board.
      I hope you get better soon and wish you all the best. I’m sure you will have a lot of support from your friends in helping you toward a full recovery.

    3. Solidarity & Respect to Kerry-Anne your determination & passion to speak truth to power and stand up and speak out for those who have no voice has been and will continue to be an inspiration to all! A True Comrade!
      Be safe happy & confident that you have played your part in the fight and when your are ready and only then to return we will welcome you back to our side to stand shoulder to solidarity with humanity!

    4. However good your team, wading through the ordure of politics to dig out the pure nuggets of truth for our enlightenment will inevitably take a toll, but to do so whilst dealing with your own recovery is all the more impressive. You definitely deserve some time in the sweet smelling sunlit spaces to finish your journey of recovery, and hopefully will come back to us refreshed and even stronger.
      I would offer a big, but properly distanced, virtual Hug if that’s acceptable to you, and either way; All the best (meant, not just a form of words) as you deserve it.

    5. I first heard you speak on Radio 4’s Evan Davies prog last year defending Jeremy Corbyn in a fierce, Socialist voice which was so rare on that crap broadcaster that I had to find out more about you immediately. That led me to the Canary. So I want to tell you how inspiring you were, are and will be, Kerry-Anne. I am of the firm belief that our establishment media must be infiltrated as often as possible by strong, eloquent truth advocates like yourself at every opportunity until we get the message out there and shine a blazing spotlight on the corrupt who seem to get away with it more and more with constant lies that sympathetic media collude with. Wishing you wellness and continued campaigning. Solidarity.

    6. WWWWAAAAAAAIIIIITTTTTTT a minute! You’re NOT “Crackpot lunatics”? 😮

      Damn. I must have taken a wrong turn. 🙁

      I’ll get me coat….

      After 5 years at the front line, you deserve time off, Kerry. I’ll add my best wishes to the list above, and you’ll probably ‘come back’ sooner than you really should. It’s hard to ‘turn off’, as you’ll discover.

      Sooo…, I guess from now on you’ll be telling the Staff off in the comments section. Looking forward to reading it. 😉 <3 x

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