#TheCanaryLive – The real story of the coronavirus crisis

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This #TheCanaryLive event will be broadcast at 7pm on Wednesday 3 February

Tragically, more than 100,000 people have died in the UK since the coronavirus pandemic began. Join us as we explore the real story of the coronavirus crisis, how the Johnson government has presided over such a monumental loss of life and how we balance protecting public health with protecting civil liberties. 


Dave Carr, an intensive care nurse, will speak about the distressing reality on the frontline. 

Professor Anthony Costello, a leading public health specialist and member of Independent SAGE, will highlight the gulf between what the science tells us and what the Johnson government has done. 

Emily Apple, The Canary’s senior editor and a founding member of The Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) will discuss how we can take steps to protect our health while holding the state to account. 

Chaired by Nancy Mendoza, The Canary’s Chief Operating Officer and science communication consultant.

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    1. It appears that I am being investigated by ‘a committee’ for writing “I must say I don’t expect much common sense from this line-up. 100,000 people who probably have pneumonia and Covid-19 recorded on their death certificates. Remember SAGE and the Bozo Brigade have been complicit in the ‘response’ to the Covid situation. Hope I’m proved wrong.” So that today 5th February the comment is not visible! I’d be interested to know The Canary’s criteria for acceptable comments: because everything I have written about regarding this Covid-issue has been thoroughly researched. Whereas this supposedly leftish site has merely parroted, what I consider to be misinformation from the M$M.

    2. listening to Dave at the moment: Staff and bed shortages which, probably, occurs every year since the Thatcher wrecking crew began dismantling the NHS, has made his job even harder than is usual. Caz made the point in an earlier post that the local population of 500,000 has 11 ICU beds. Elsewhere I have read that we have less than 200 normal beds for every 100,000 people. Covid mortalities tend to come from our aged and infirm (2.4 additional illnesses). In January 2018 60,000 people died in one month when ‘Australian flu’ hit the country.

    3. just listened to Emily: agreed with everything she said regarding policing and Bozo Brigade as well as the scapegoating to divide and rule. I was impressed by her research of SUS and other Covid-policing on the ground. I think she should use those research skills on the ONS site to provide some perspective viv-a-vis ‘Covid deaths’. The Guardian publishes three figures daily. If one disregards various typo-errors where dates and figures sometimes contradict (‘hospitalisations’: where a previous date is used but the figures are different from those previously published with that date – as an example). Daily Deaths, which represent a death within 28 days of a +ve diagnosis, form a very small %age of ‘Daily Cases’ contribute to the ‘challenge to civil liberties’ we face – the propaganda and misinformation is a significant element of that challenge.

    4. listened to Anthony: agree with all his Government bashing. However, if Bozo and his Brigade were acting in a way that would make ‘the crisis’ worst, some degree of courage would have been appropriate so that SAGE could have made a stand against the mis- and lack of information that dominated public perception.

    5. It would have been nice if Dave had amswered the actual question posed immediately after Anthony’s second blip-out. Instead he seemed very insistent on persisently stating ‘there isn’t a cure’, which wasn’t the question! It’s got to the point that i really don’t care if my comments are removed. The comment section doesn’t really facilitate much in the way of discussion, mutual learning and education, or formulation of strategies with regard to the re-Establishmentarianism of the Ukanian political scene after the Corbyn interlude. The police force was established to keep the lower orders in their place. Their standard procedure is to pick on specific social groups especially the young portions of those social groups, so that we all police ourselves. We live in a democracy at a time when religion has less influence on our individual opinions and yet RI is an obligatory course in school (1944 education Act) but NOT politics or political theory. Do people even understand the left/right label? Certainly there are no clues in The Canary. Bye ;o)

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