US comedy show asks people to vote for the ‘greatest’ Trump tweet so far [IMAGES]

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Ed Sykes

In the midst of Donald Trump’s most recent Twitter scandal, one US comedy show has taken a look back over time and asked its viewers to vote on the best (or worst) Trump tweets so far.

The most recent scandal relates to some very serious accusations about former President Barack Obama. At the start of March 2017, the current US President said:

Trump Obama

Team Trump has since done its best to back away from these so far unproven allegations – which an Obama spokesperson has called “unequivocally false” and other intelligence officials have also denied.

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But what are the best (or worst) performances of the tweeter without filter?

Putting some of his most recent tweets aside, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has set up a section on its website called Third Month Mania. Here, it asks:

What is the greatest Donald Trump tweet of all time?

It puts a number of Trump’s tweets from recent years side by side, asking people to vote for the “greatest”.

There are contradictory tweets. There are controversial ones. And there are some that are just plain peculiar.

Here are some of the options given:

Trump 1

Trump 2

Trump 3Trump 4Trump 5Trump 6

And there are many more to choose from.

Very hard to pick a winner.

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