People are standing up against the constant media criticism of Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn
Fréa Lockley

Attacks on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have been constant from within the party and the mainstream media. The latest accusations of antisemitism engulfing Labour have led to yet more criticism. But Labour supporters and voters are standing up in their thousands to show their support and solidarity for Corbyn.


Thousands of supporters have taken the lead to show support for Corbyn across social media. At 7.45 pm on 2 August, there’s a plan to stand in solidarity using the #WeAreCorbyn tag:

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It’s already gathering huge support. Because time and time again, Corbyn has shown that he really does have true grassroots support from thousands of voters.

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn…

Corbyn was elected as Labour leader in 2015. At that point, there were 190,000 Labour members. That number has since risen to 552,000. Following two leadership challenges, Corbyn increased his mandate in 2016. In the 2017 general election, Corbyn “increased Labour’s share of the vote by more than any other of the party’s election leaders since 1945”.

Yet, despite turning the party’s fortunes around, accusations against him have become increasingly outlandish:

Despite these ludicrous ‘charges’, it’s true that Corbyn is critical of the current Tory government:

And as many people pointed out, grassroots supporters continue to oppose mainstream media criticism of Corbyn:

Time and time again, Corbyn has shown a commitment to world peace. This has often gone unreported. And although Corbyn is well-known for his anti-war and anti-racist stance, there’s little mention of this in the press.

It may not change media criticism – and the current antisemitism row is without doubt incredibly complex – but there is at least one way to take a stand against the latest attacks.

It seems that no matter how hard the right-wing press come after Corbyn, his grassroots support grows even stronger.

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