The racist side to Israel that the mainstream Western press won’t show you

Extremist Israeli rabbis in Israel
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Israel just showed its racist cards on national TV, shamelessly. And worse still, that racism is embedded in the education system. So what hope do we have for the next generation doing better?

A “beacon of tolerance”?

In 2016, UK prime minister Theresa May called the state of Israel a “thriving democracy” and a “beacon of tolerance”. Then, in 2018, she condemned those who “suggest Israel is a racist endeavour”.

Israel’s supporters commonly characterise the country as a liberal, democratic example for the world. But is it really? Canadian-Israeli journalist David Sheen is one person who disagrees. As he has rigorously documented over the years, there is a much darker side to Israel, which is racist, xenophobic and fervently nationalist. While Palestinians and others experience that side of Israel on a daily basis, however, Western media outlets largely ignore it.

‘Arabs want to be under occupation’

In one brief Twitter thread, Sheen recently highlighted – yet again – the horrific racism present in Israel, and how that infiltrates into the country’s education system.

Israeli colonialism and the ethno-nationalism behind it

The state of Israel was founded on the ideology of political Zionism; a Judeo-European ethno-nationalist and settler-colonialist ideology. Theodor Herzl, the father of political Zionism who died in 1904, reportedly believed that Jewish people formed a distinct race from non-Jewish people and therefore required their own nation state in order to be truly free. The location that supporters of Zionism ultimately picked for that nation state was historic Palestine, a Middle Eastern and predominately non-Jewish territory.

Many of the first opponents of Zionism were themselves Jewish and believed that it was a reactionary ideology that repeated antisemitic tropes of Jewish people being ‘racially’ different from non-Jewish people. Many Jewish people remain some of Israel’s most fervent critics. The foundation of the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel meant destroying Palestine and forcing out hundreds of thousands of people from the indigenous Palestinian population. Critics often describe Israel as a ‘racist endeavour’ because of its apartheid nature and discriminatory practices towards non-Jewish people since its creation.

The people ‘shaping Israel’s education system’

Sheen further beaks down the frightening worldview of the specific rabbis who he says “shape the education system”:

Finally, he notes that one of the controversial rabbis “is set to be Israel’s new Education Minister”:

Such views are hardly consistent with ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, or ‘liberalism’. And the fact that the Israeli government knowingly pays people like this educate its citizens should help to put “beacon of tolerance” claims to rest once and for all.

You can see the full video here:

Featured image via David Sheen – YouTube

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    1. The author should have included one clear example of a racist statement in the text. Why write so much and not do so? My blog collects snapshots of Corporatocracy governments and establishment tools killing communication. I have no problem showing videos or excepts of them, but with some text, I have no way to introduce the reader of my blog to the subject. The posts I do are not my interpretation of the linked-to articles. I might add a few words, but those will be seen ‘alongside’ the author’s own words. Just a thought.

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