The BBC’s political editor has a new name for Theresa May’s Brexit deal. It’s comically biased.

Laura Kuenssberg

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg has a new name for Theresa May’s Brexit deal. And people have pointed out how comically biased it is.

‘Barnier’s deal’

MPs are set to vote on May’s withdrawal bill for a fourth time in the week starting 3 June. The agreement has already suffered three huge defeats, including the first and fourth largest in history.

Despite the agreement being the same, Kuenssberg joined in the rebranding of the deal as ‘Michel Barnier’s’ (the EU chief Brexit negotiator):

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“Partisan spin”

On social media, people called Kuenssberg out:


Kuenssberg was echoing language used by Conservative Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay, who said:

I think if the House of Commons does not approve the [bill] then the Barnier deal is dead in that form and I think the house will have to then address a much more fundamental question between whether it will pursue… a no-deal option or whether it will revoke

Given every EU member state has a veto on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, rebranding it as the “Barnier deal” amounts to inaccurate propaganda. In reality, the deal is essentially a product of the hard-Brexit wing of the Conservative Party, which informed May’s red lines.

As political editor of a supposedly public service broadcaster, Kuenssberg should be holding the government to account and questioning its messaging. Instead, she all too often parrots it. That needs to end.

Featured image via BBC Politics/ Twitter

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    1. A name for May’s deal? How about “The turd that won’t flush”, a term that could also be used on the author of the deal and, let’s be honest, could be used on Hunt, Johnson as well.

      They’re only dragging this farce on so they can finish shafting the NHS before getting booted out of office.

    2. How many times does the MSM parrot Conservative Central Office message of the day, it’s worth watching, Pure coincidence editor of Daily Politics and This Week left BBC weeks after 2017 GE to return to Conservative Central
      Come in agent Kuensberg

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