Tories still claim attack on Ukraine is ‘highly likely’ despite possible Putin-Biden talks

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Foreign secretary Liz Truss has warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine appears “highly likely” despite Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin tentatively agreeing to hold a crisis summit. It’s unclear what benefit there is in predicting that Biden will fail before the talks have even happened (if it was ever likely that Russia would invade in the first place).


The US President agreed during diplomatic efforts, against the backdrop of heightened media reporting, to meet his Russian counterpart. But he did so on the condition that Moscow does not invade.

Some have cast doubt on the idea that Russia will invade (while Putin did illegally annex Crimea, he did so with the support of many within the region – a situation which wouldn’t repeat in Ukraine). Truss, however, did not appear to be revising her concerns that the Kremlin would order an attack, as she warned that the price of an invasion must be “intolerably high” for Russia. Truss, the media, and the Tories have been warning of an invasion ‘any day’ for the past few weeks now.

The following is Truss describing Russia as being on the brink on 15 February – nearly a week ago:

Here are some newspapers from 13 February:

Over a week later, we’ve gone from the “final push” to “last-ditch talks” (Thesaurus owners may notice these are actually the the same thing):

The growing suspicion, then, is perhaps we’re not on the cusp of war, but that the media/government would rather you think otherwise. Although, saying that, obviously it’s  far-fetched to suggest these people would ‘sex up’ a situation to sell a war to an unwilling public.

Of course, it could be that Putin does actually intend to invade a hostile and well-armed country of 44 million people that’s backed by multiple nuclear powers. Given the US’s recent loss of the Afghanisatan war, it’s easy to see how a modern land war might appeal to him – especially one on his own border.

It could also be that Putin is once again sabre-rattling, and that the primary difference is how our media and government are portraying it. We should know either way in the next 48 hours. Or the 48 hours after that. Or the 48 hours after…

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    1. The fascist Ukrainian army are killing thousands of Russians in Ukraine every year. The media in USA & Britain are using the fact that Russia has had enough of theses attacks, as an excuse to sabre rattle at a comical level. Ignoring the uncomfortable truth of the west’s unfounded Invasions of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to name but a few, and the west’s covert operations to destabilise in Venezuela and numerous other countries. Now a swastika waving fascist regime are calling for help, Really? This is akin to helping Hitler. Hypocrisy rules

    2. Tories still claim attack on Ukraine is ‘highly likely’
      despite possible Putin-Biden talks.
      Well voter not another Tory Minister looking after Boris backside
      For her personal gain (Ms Truss) Look Ms Truss this point I will make to all you Tory party Members hiding IN London or out of the U.K. in other countries within or not in E.U.
      Fact our taxpayer money is being wasted by Boris on this possible not fact-based war with Putin now we know Boris cannot be trusted not to lie to us public he has proven he can & will to soot his needs only as P.M.

      Ms Truss including lying Boris and all Tory party member seem to have for gotten we have Brexited the other countries fighting among them self as nothing to do with us British leave voters. (the millions of us) that will be voting next G.E. plus in May Cllr election as well in 2022.
      Ms Truss + Boris including all the Tory party member under Boris lying rule now that are protecting his backside you will & your party will suffer next G.E. if Boris doesn’t go now. Ms Truss & all Tory party members tell us voter why Brides is funding this possibly war 3 out of our British taxpayer money the cash we will never get back in our taxpayer money pot Boris.
      Yet Sunak + Boris see fit to bribe us with energy bills cash loan us British people we must pay back with added interest rate placed on them by Sunak over a time frame the loan money is out of our public cash taxpayer pot Boris has just given a free cash lump sum to fund the words war 3 just to keep his P.M. Job. While we in U.K. suffer while Boris gives our public cash away to look good in the E.U. & NON E.U. countries? By the way voter we have left E.U. by way of Brexit so, we should not be funding any country wars Boris.

      1. Agree re Truss but how Putin must laugh at Corbyn’s Stop the War as he brutally executes the military slaughter of innocent Ukrainians.

        Placards in Islington aren’t much of a defence in Kiev right now.

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