Nigel Havers tries to slam Corbyn on Room 101, and Frank Skinner turns it around perfectly [VIDEO]

Nigel Havers
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Catherine Tate, Rylan Clark-Neal and Nigel Havers appeared on the most recent episode of Room 101, which aired on 13 January. While Tate and Clark-Neal decided to rid the world of minimiser bras and low ceilings, Havers used the limelight to have a dig at Jeremy Corbyn. But things didn’t go as planned when host Frank Skinner got involved.

Nigel Havers

Havers is an actor known for appearing in Chariots of Fire and Coronation Street, among a host of other television shows and films. He has received press coverage in the past for his political views. During an interview with BBC Radio 4 in 2014, he criticised trade unions over the tube strikes, and questioned Boris Johnson’s efforts to resolve the problem.

Now, he’s laid into Corbyn. But Skinner was quick to pick it apart.

Watch the episode here:

To a series of cheers, Havers unveils Jeremy Corbyn as his bugbear. He says (at 5:15):

Of course it’s nothing personal. He represents a lot of politicians who pretend to be one thing. And he’s the worst offender at this in my book. He pretends to be one thing when in fact he’s something completely different. He says he’s Labour, when in fact he’s Marxist. We know that.

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For instance he doesn’t agree with sugar, but he makes jam.

He [Corbyn] said I’m going to be new… it’ll be kind politics… Kind politics! Have you seen the party he runs?! It’s in ruins at the moment. And I’m a Labour supporter in many ways… Seriously.

However many people say ‘you’re not fit to run this party’. He’s not going to move aside, which I think is a little selfish of him.

Skinner replies, to a round of applause (6:38):

Well, he does keep getting voted in by an enormous majority of the membership.

Skinner then jokes with Havers, claiming he isn’t surprised he picked on Corbyn. When Havers repeats his ‘jam argument’, Skinner jokes (7:19):

I’m surprised this is the policy you’ve picked on.

Havers is left looking pretty stumped. Skinner quickly moves onto highlighting some of Corbyn’s amusing moments in front of a camera before returning to Clark-Neal.

Havers’ argument was a flop. Even Skinner couldn’t resist ripping him apart for it. We certainly have to hold politicians to account and question their motives and policies. But jam-making? Seriously?!

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