The Sun has reached a new low with its response to the London attack [IMAGES]

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The Sun newspaper has responded to the London attacks by creating a sort of ‘disaster porn’, tempting readers to click and view the bodies of injured victims. Even for the Murdoch-owned tabloid, this marks a new low.

This came despite calls from police officers and others to avoid publishing images of the injured before families had been notified:

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The Sun was not alone. Others tried to capitalise on the attacks too.

The bigots

In the hours following an attack like Westminster experienced, it pays to be patient. To allow the police and others to proceed with their investigation unmolested, while working through the information systematically. It is not the time to air pet theories and rehash personal opinion as fact. But that didn’t stop these folks.

UKIP donor Arron Banks thought he’d get in on the action too.

It is important to note that at this time, the cause and identity of the attackers remained unknown. Nevertheless, some people’s first reaction to the suffering of others was to jump on their soap box. The cheap reaction left many people stunned:

The heroes of the day were children

These cynical actions were countered by a group of schoolchildren caught up in the attack. Instead of buckling in fear, or exploding in anger, they assembled together and sang.

Whoever committed the attack, and for whatever purpose, no good is served by turning against each other. There will be many people seeking to gain an advantage from this attack. The government will likely attempt to push through yet more restrictions to civil liberties. Right-wing political parties and groups will attempt to whip the resulting fear into votes and donations. And media outlets like The Sun will cash in on all of it.

So it pays to be calm. And it pays to be resolute in our greater values. Only that way will any of us find peace amid the chaos.

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