A message from NewsThump about the Westminster attack is going viral. Because it’s what we need to hear

Emily Apple

A message from NewsThump about the Westminster attacks is going viral. And for all the right reasons.

Normally known for their satirical content, NewsThump posted a simple straightforward message about the events in London:

Don’t give them the anger they want. Focus on the amazing job done by the public and emergency services. Don’t look at the apparent carnage, look at the people rushing towards the unknown to help others. Make the story about the resilience of London and its citizens. They want your anger, they want your fury – and they want you to focus it on anyone different from you. Don’t hand them an easy victory.

And it is accompanied by a tube symbol with the words “We are not afraid”.

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Within an hour, it is has been shared over 14,000 times.

An important message

And whether it is ordinary people trying to help, school children singing in defiance, or other acts of bravery, this is an important message to remember.

Anger is not helpful. Nor is fear. And nor is scapegoating. People are sharing this message because it resonates. And it is likely that this message will be needed more and more in the coming days.

The Canary has been following developments here.

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