Tony Blair shared his thoughts on Brexit. The response he got is priceless [TWEETS]

Blair thinking
Sophia Akram

Tony Blair has been speaking to the media again. He’s been putting forward his thoughts about why Brexit shouldn’t happen and why a new radical centrist political revolution is needed. But people on social media didn’t seem to give two hoots what the ex-Prime Minister had to say. And their responses are priceless.

Radical centre-ground?

Blair, in a number of interviews, including a written opinion piece for iNews, has been attempting to assert his political influence. He’s been showing great concern for the direction Brexit is going and that even Labour’s policy is going in the direction of leaving the single market. He also believes from his own conversations in Europe, that there could be more flexibility in the negotiations than currently presented.

But he now firmly thinks that Brexit shouldn’t happen, as he told Sophy Ridge on Sky News.

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The position comes in tandem with a renewed effort to promote his own type of politics. This is despite wide concessions from many of Jeremy Corbyn’s critics of the Labour leader’s success in bringing the party to where it currently is with an eight point lead in the polls. Blair, while acknowledging Corbyn’s achievements, writes that his leadership, along with Brexit brings risks.

Blair thinks it is a time for a different type of revolution. He cites a poll[pdf] his institution conducted as evidence. And he describes the thirst for Corbyn’s manifesto as populism:

But the poll also shows that support for the centre stays strong. People will default to populism when a radical centre is not on offer.

Blair is almost certainly out promoting the fruits of his newest policy unit. The unit was set up before the new year to come up with a Brexit agenda for the centre-ground.

But while the media is giving his agenda plenty of column inches, social media news feeds are providing their own commentary on Blair’s musings.

We don’t give a shit

On Twitter, people were essentially asking, ‘why are you talking?’:

They reference his acute lack of self-awareness:

And why is anyone giving him a platform anyway:

Which really feeds into how counterproductive anything Blair says really is:

But then others thought that Blair was the man to bring unity:

Ultimately, it’s quite clear what Blair’s dig on Corbyn was about:

And lest we forget:

So it seems that Blair may or may not have had some interesting things to say. But ultimately, no-one gives a rat’s arse.

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