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Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Theresa May, she gets humiliated in yet another contest

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From losing her majority to recent news of rebellion and divisions in her party, Theresa May hasn’t had a good time recently. But things just got worse.

Brandwatch has announced the most influential MP on Twitter, and it’s not Theresa May. In fact, the Prime Minister is miles behind.

The list of the top ten most influential MPs on Twitter is dominated by the Labour Party. It has six Labour MPs on the list, compared to just two Conservatives.

Any Lib Dems in sight?

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the top ten list without the Lib Dems, given their election wipeout in 2015, and only a modest improvement in 2017. But former leader Tim Farron limps into the top ten in tenth place with 279,000 followers and an influencer score of 73.

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas is the only other MP in the top ten who is not a member of the Labour or Conservative parties. Lucas comes in at an impressive sixth place with 263,000 followers and an influencer score of 78. Other MPs to make up the top ten include Harriet Harman, Ed Miliband and Tom Watson.

The top three

The bronze medal goes to compulsive liar Boris Johnson. The man who likes to act the buffoon to disguise his sinister intentions is the third most popular MP on Twitter. BoJo has 362,000 followers and an influencer score of 81.

And in second place is the Maybot herself with 389,000 followers and an influencer score of 84. Notably she no longer has “strong and stable” emblazoned across her Twitter page. Leading a party with a parliamentary minority, that needs to be propped up by the DUP; a party that has been called “batshit crazy” among many other colourful terms, certainly put paid to that.

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And the winner is…

The winner and Prime Minister of Twitter is, of course, Jeremy Corbyn. But he doesn’t just win, he absolutely smashes it.

Corbyn has nearly four times the number of followers that May has, with a whopping 1.51 million and an influencer score of 86.

And look away now Conservatives, Corbyn’s following has grown from 638,130 in October 2016 to over 1.5 million today. In just the last 24 hours he has gained over 2,000 new followers. Such momentum must be filling the Conservatives with dread.

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