Labour MP Laura Pidcock rips into Philip Hammond’s ‘pantomime​’ budget

Emily Apple

It took just one tweet for Labour MP Laura Pidcock to nail the problem with Philip Hammond’s budget speech.

Pidcock tweeted:

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It’s all one big joke

Hammond seemed to think that the state of the economy is a laughing matter. Within half an hour of starting his budget speech, he’d made seven jokes. This included what Pidcock described as “pre-rehearsed stunts”, such as Hammond joking about Theresa May’s conference speech and May then offering him a pack of lozenges.

Not so funny

As Pidcock points out, people in this country are “desperate”. The Trussell Trust network of foodbanks has given out 1,182,954 food parcels over the last year; the rollout of Universal Credit is carrying on despite incessant stories of its failure; 159,000 households are homeless or in unsuitable accommodation; and the government has been accused by the UN of committing “grave” and “systematic” violations against the rights of disabled people.

A “pantomime” budget filled with lame jokes is an insult to all those affected by austerity. And the fact that Hammond thinks this is acceptable behaviour shows exactly how out of touch the Tories are with the rest of the country.

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