With Tories branding their conference a ‘disaster’, Laura Kuenssberg swoops in to save Theresa May

Laura Kuenssberg and Theresa May
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Even Conservative MPs are branding their conference a “disaster”. But BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg seems to be trying to undo the damage:

The home secretary, the foreign secretary, and the Conservative chair all delivered keynote speeches to a conference hall barely half-full. And on 3 October, it was the prime minister’s turn.

While Conservative supporters filled the hall, May had very little to say on policy announcements. There was not even an attempt at approaching the fundamental challenges Britain is facing, such as elderly care, climate change or automation. Instead, May walked on stage boogying to the sound of Abba’s Dancing Queen. And the BBC‘s political editor thought it was brilliant:

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Although not everyone had the same reaction as Kuenssberg:


Just before May’s flagship speech, Conservative MP James Duddridge submitted a letter of no-confidence in the prime minister. Criticising May on Brexit, Duddridge also described the conference as a “disaster”.

Duddridge is the fifth Conservative MP to declare his no-confidence letter publicly. But 30-40 MPs have reportedly submitted letters privately. In order for Conservative MPs to trigger a vote to bring down May’s leadership, 15% (or 48 of them) must have called for one.

Conservative MP Ben Bradley wasn’t happy either. Bradley lamented the lack of “real” policy announcements and said that he found that “frustrating”, continuing:

We have to be relatable and we have to be genuine that’s what Corbyn is, whether you agree with him or not. He is relatable and he believes what he says – we just repeat lines too often

And it’s not just an apparent lack of vision. At the beginning, a major security flaw in the conference app allowed anyone to access the private details of senior Conservative politicians.

“This is going pretty well”

Still, Kuenssberg has been busy painting the picture of a strong prime minister:

And afterwards, Kuenssberg wasn’t done defending May:

Blogger Tom Pride compared Kuenssberg’s reaction to May’s speech to her take on Jeremy Corbyn’s:

Without mainstream-media backing and millionaire supporters, it’s hard to see how the Conservatives would survive. Aside from the fringes, their conference has been barren of ideas. May’s speech didn’t even attempt to solve Brexit, let alone the existential crisis of climate change. From just about anywhere outside the BBC, it looks like May is dancing on the grave of her own party.

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