Here’s the deeply disturbing way the Conservatives responded to the Corbyn target practice scandal

Theresa May at PMQs
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A video emerged on 3 April that appeared to show soldiers using Jeremy Corbyn’s face for target practice. Given the very real or threatened violence faced by MPs, the discovery is chilling.

The Conservatives’ response to it, however, was also deeply disturbing. Because since the video appeared, the party’s politicians have variously insinuated – or claimed outright – that the Labour leader is a Marxist, terrorist-loving Russian stooge who’s determined to ruin Britain. Even the prime minister has joined in the attacks.

Most of the accusations are part of the pushback against a bigger role for Corbyn in Brexit. But it’s beyond irresponsible to promote that sort of narrative in the current climate overall, let alone after a video of soldiers allegedly ‘taking down’ the leader of the opposition emerges.


On 2 April, Theresa May announced that she would enter talks with Corbyn over the Brexit impasse. Seemingly in reference to this, Conservative MP David Jones asked her a question at PMQs on 3 April:

Does it remain the position of the PM that the leader of the opposition is not fit to govern?

In response, May said:

I do not think that the Labour Party should be in government… The right honourable gentleman, the leader of the opposition, and I have different opinions on a number of issues. If I may just highlight one issue… when we suffered a chemical weapons attack on the streets of Salisbury in this country, it was me as prime minister, this government, that stood up against the perpetrators of that attack. The right honourable gentleman said he preferred to believe Vladimir Putin than our own security agencies. That is not the place of somebody who could be prime minister.

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In reality, Corbyn did nothing of the sort. When former Russian and UK spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned by a chemical weapon in Salisbury in 2018, the Labour leader said the UK should hold the perpetrators to account “on the basis of the evidence”. He also called for “firm multilateral action” to ensure such a crime never happens again.

Nonetheless, May should have thought better than to spread this blatant falsehood on the day the ‘target practice’ video appeared. Especially when media outlets are linking the footage to Corbyn’s “security credentials”:

On the bandwagon

May wasn’t alone though. A number of Conservative politicians tried to paint the Labour leader as a danger to Britain on 3 April:

Of course, none of these accusations are new. The establishment class has long tried to use Corbyn’s positions on defence and the economy as a stick to beat him with – despite substantial public support for those positions.

But for high profile officials to repeat these smears on the day that a video emerges appearing to show government employees, i.e. soldiers, practising blowing the Labour leader’s head off, is beyond irresponsible. In fact, it shows that it’s the Conservatives who are fundamentally ‘not fit to govern’.

Featured image via YouTube – RT UK

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    1. This “incident” was an establishment operation from beginning to end. Find out who printed the very large colour picture of Corbyn. Who handed it to or posted it up before the idiot soldiers? Where did the first soldier or officer get the picture or the idea. Your can put your money on Military Intelligence (i.e. MI6).

      Corbyn terrifies the financial establishment. They tried anti-Semitism and failed (so far).

      Now this.

    2. I agree ThereisaGod. I will go further though and say that I am in no doubt that it is this Tory Government that pose the biggest security risk to this country not a Labour Government. There is plenty of evidence to support this especially in recent times where Cabinet Ministers have, vetoed UN condemnation of the wilful and targeted killing of Palestinians, have recognised an imposter as the President of Venezuela (the Coup having failed of course), have vetoed Hezbollah as a political party (the largest, legitimate one in fact) following the USA and Private Pike (Williamson) stating the UK is going to become an international party of aggressive global intervention linked to the USA.

      My goodness, the biggest, most serious and most corrupt lie this Government has cooked up is the Skripal affair which nearly took us into WW111.

      We want peace not – the world needs it – it still remains international law that the invasion of a sovereign nation is an act of War -all led by the USA and supported by the UK. Enough, Corbyn is a man of Peace at heart. Does anyone really believe that having nuclear weapons keeps us safe? Hell no it doesn’t. What puts us at risk is a Government such as the pathetic bunch of corrupt idiots we have at the moment who are supporting the war in Yemen, the continued killings of Palestinians by the Israeli Government and a pledge to take us into more international wars.

      Give me Corbyn any day, at least he thinks this through, he has peace not war at the centre of his policies and is the only one looking like a true leader at the present time.

      1. dissidents_unite.
        Thanks. Spot on. At the risk of creating an echo chamber I am hoping that Brexiteers understand (as many of us do) that Brexit is, in itself, no solution to our problems but only a step on the way to fully exposing and confronting the fractional reserve banking scam and the people who run it.
        The matrix of control created by this overclass is breathtaking in its scope and depth but that does not mean it cannot be taken down.
        I believe it is inevitable this will happen eventually. Not by violence or anger but by people being exposed to and accepting truth. It might take months or decades but a new era approaches when people will realise that the authoritarian template itself must be disassembled and reformed so that communities govern themselves. Remote external authority is the problem. We live within a template that will always inevitably, in the end, be ruled by the very worst kind of people.
        We think we choose our government but we don’t, any more than we choose our bosses at work..

    3. It is not only the Tories who are attempting to denigrate Corbyn with false claims in the hope that he doesn’t become PM: a significant number of Labour MPs, some members and associated pressure groups are actively involved. And then there’s a foreign embassy whose name must not be mentioned.

    4. The Tories and/or their backers always start to get very nasty when they think they might lose. Remember the two terrorist atrocities that interrupted the 2017 General Election when it looked as though Corbyn was going to do well. And conveniently, the Tory narrative from the start of the campaign had been that he was a “terrorist sympathiser”.

    5. sick to say the least when its this current and previous goverments who support dictators and export terrorists across the globe. Corbyn has sprent his life fighting imperialism and army exploitation and he’s repaid by deep [ state once again smearing. abusing and now threatening to kill him. what sick dumb ass thougs

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