People are urging MPs to stop ‘putting the NHS under threat’

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Campaigners are urging MPs to “protect our NHS” from trade deals that could leave it “on the table”.

Ahead of a House of Commons vote on the Trade Bill, campaign group We Own It is encouraging MPs and members of the public to show their public support for the NHS.

The campaign aims to motivate MPs to vote for an amendment intended to protect the NHS in deals with other countries:

The Trade Bill

The Trade Bill sets out rules for the implementation of international trade agreements. It was first read in the House of Commons in March 2020.

In July, Conservative MPs voted down a Labour-proposed amendment to the Trade Bill. The amendment would have protected the NHS from any deal that “undermines or restricts” its status as a universal public healthcare system.

The amendment also specified that any new trade deal must allow UK authorities to:

  • Protect rights and working conditions for public sector employees.
  • Regulate the “quality and safety” of health and care services.
  • Control the pricing of medicines and medical equipment.
  • Protect patient, public health, and social care data that relates to UK citizens.

The campaign

As soon as the amendment was voted down, We Own It created a petition aimed at the House of Lords, imploring them to amend the bill. The petition currently has over 300,000 signatures.

The campaign was successful – in December, peers voted to ban any trade deal that would undermine the NHS.

However, MPs must accept these amendments. We Own It has organised members of the public, encouraging them to call or write to their MPs to ask them to vote for the amendment:

This amendment will enshrine the NHS as a public service, keeping it safe during international deals. Voting against this amendment is a vote for the ever creeping privatisation threatening to destroy the UK’s healthcare system. Now, more than ever, we all need to make our voices heard and ensure our NHS is off the table in any trade deal.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Foreign and Commonwealth Office & Wikimedia Commons/SLaMNHSFT

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    1. I have also written to my sitting Tory MP. For what good that will do, because written into the dna of a Tory is greed and lack of empathy towards a human being that is , lets not beat about the bush, POOR. Giving our NHS to friends will certainly keep us in our place, poor or dead. To all the Tory enablers who voted for this evil party and so called centrist who worked against a socialist agenda, you are not immune to this disaster. A pox to you all.

    2. Now now yes there were many that couldn’t bite their tongue but Corbyn didn’t have a chance with stammer the spammer bag stabbing him but the NHS is nearly sold of the amount of private companies who now have contracts with our government look at virgin ouch but unless the peasants show this lot of crooks that the NHS is not to be sold then sold it be waiting in the que to sell you that insurance policy unum who goal was to see this happening

    3. According to the ONS’s weekly estimate of deaths attributed to Covid-19 or pnuemonia; “…when referring only to deaths where that illness was recorded as the underlying cause of death.” The last four words suggest that those two attributions represent cause of death. Whereas, it could be reasonably argued – certainly in the case of April 2020 – that it was the lack of NHS hospital beds that was THE UNDERLYING CAUSE OF DEATH.
      Many covid-infected patients were shunted into care homes and consequently we had a short term epidemic among our eldest and most vulnerable citizens. It has been Tory policy to reduce NHS beds for over forty years, while increasing administrative costs to absorb the management losses when they raped Britain’s heavy industry and manufacturing sector. Whether that same administrative sector acted on orders from on high or on their own initiative remains to be discovered. However someone somewhere is guilty of manslaughter, at the very least. Perhaps that is the reason for so many lies parading as half believable truths?

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