In just five words a member of the public reveals Jo Swinson’s ‘true colours’

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On 8 December Channel 4 broadcast its Britain Decides: Everything But Brexit Debate between representatives from five of the UK’s main political parties. Neither the Conservatives nor the Brexit Party bothered to show up.

And while there may not have been any Conservative Party member on the panel, not everybody in the studio or watching was convinced. Because one woman in the audience believed there was a Tory hiding among the five. So she delivered a crushing blow to Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson when she exposed her by saying:

You’re a Tory in disguise

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Rayner reinforces that point

As The Canary has reported, Jo Swinson has a shameful voting record from her time in coalition with the Conservative Party. And no sooner had this woman in the audience called Swinson out than Labour’s Angela Rayner hammered the point home. She said:

You voted for the bedroom tax, you voted for austerity, you voted for tuition fees

The response to Rayner’s take-down was swift:

Swinson’s true colours

And people watching were also pretty clear about her real political persuasion and her past:

But if they weren’t clear about it, there was this sad reminder of her shameful voting record:

These responses summed up brilliantly how close she is to the Conservative Party. And it also reminded people of how she voted when in government.

Whatever ‘nausea’ Swinson may have felt, it’s nothing compared to the hunger felt by millions of children living in poverty in the UK – poverty caused by Conservative and Lib Dem austerity.

Swinson’s not a joke, unfortunately

Even before she made nonsensical claims about becoming prime minister, it was difficult to take Swinson seriously as a politician. But sadly, the consequences of Swinson’s decisions when in government with the Conservative Party are very serious. That nightmare can begin to end this Thursday by choosing a party that really cares about people.

Featured image via Twitter – Channel 4

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    1. It’s easy for scum like Swinson to introduce something when other people pay for it whether in blood or money or despair. She’s bought. She lies. She’s an anti-democratic authoritarian. She is despicable.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. In fact in a very short space of time, Swinson and her gang have proven to be as hateful and Tory as the Tories.

        Here in Cheltenham the Liberal Democrats are continually behaving as bad as Boris in the lies they are spreading. They have posted multiple leaflets through my obviously Labour door on a daily, harassing basis, many of which pretend to be from concerned citizens like Alistair Campbell, or Political Betting, to urge tactical voting, but whilst the leaflets and fake-hand-written letters do their best to appear unconnected to the LIb Dems, it is clear from the incredibly small print at the bottom or on the back, that these are in fact Lib Dem paid for and supported campaigns.

        When knocking on doors in Cheltenham with George Penny (Labour), we had the decency to leave Lib Dems and Cons who had made their views clear alone, i.e. not continually harassing them. This is not so with either the Alex Chalk led Con-Party, or the Max-Wilkinson Liberal-Lying Party, though it is the Lib Dems who are worse for that here.

        Some may view this as ‘normal’ I view it as deeply disrespectful of Democracy, each other, and utterly against our democratic right to make up our own minds without bullying or duress. Labour is without peer in this regard, they are heads and shoulders more respectful than the lying toads in the Con and Libel Parties.

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