CanaryPod: Topple Uncaged EP12

Steve Topple with guests from episode 12
Steve Topple


Welcome to Topple Uncaged!

Every week, The Canary will be bringing you a new podcast on the media landscape; hosted by me, Steve Topple.

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I’ll be giving you the quickest news round-up in the UK in Plucked News. Then, I’ll be going in on some of the biggest stories with a very special guest on Free Flying With… After that, I’ll be taking apart, and taking down, this week’s #bbcqt in Question Time: Topple Chirps Back. And finally, I’ll be bringing you the freshest, most banging political music in Revolutionary Bird Song.

This week’s guests? The Canary‘s very own editor and writer Emily Apple and legendary musician who’s back with a bang, Cali P.



Presented, produced and edited by Steve Topple.

Sound engineering by Gav Pauze.

Plucked News articles/tweets in order:

Capita closes PIP claim after woman complains about use of 25-year-old report

Equal pay: Asda loses appeal in court case

Ban phones in schools, says minister Nick Gibb

Leave.EU and Arron Banks insurance firm fined £120,000 for data breaches

Streatham Labour just gave Chuka Umunna a ‘people’s vote’. But it wasn’t the one he wanted.

The Rhyming Guide to The Stansted 15 by Potent Whisper

A rapper stands up for 15 people facing life imprisonment because they answered a ‘call for help’

Police fine man £90 after he covers his head to avoid facial recognition technology

Jeremy Hardy’s comedy highlights

Uri Geller threatens to bend Jeremy Corbyn with his brain magic

Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to highlight bus service cuts almost delayed – when his bus is late

Free Flying With… news articles in order:

The government’s latest rough sleeping numbers mask a fatal truth

The DWP’s latest ‘claimant success story’ is a globe-trotting TV extra

The undercover policing inquiry just delivered a massive blow to the victims of police spying

Spycops news from The Canary

Question Time: Topple Chirps Back:

US government scientists debunk Trump’s ‘global warming’ tweets with cartoon

The women on the frontline of the protests in Sudan

Revolutionary Bird Song:

When You Hold Me by Cali P x Teka

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Obama Nation by Lowkey.

Featured image via Steve Topple, The Canary, Maurice – Wikimedia, Cali P and Emily Apple  



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