Jill Stein clobbers US warhawks with a perfect takedown of their regime-change propaganda

Jill Stein speaking
Ed Sykes

Former US Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has been on fire recently. In particular, she’s been putting the mainstream US left to shame with her vocal opposition to the US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela. This week, on the 30th anniversary of a notorious massacre by a US-backed government in the country, she had a perfect takedown of US warhawks. And we should all listen to her.

When the US turned a blind eye to Venezuela’s biggest massacre

As author George Ciccariello-Maher pointed out on 27 February:


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And Stein spread that message. In particular, she stressed how Washington ignored the Caracazo (Venezuela’s biggest massacre in the 20th century) just like it ignores the dire situations in Colombia and Honduras today:

Colombia and Honduras, of course, are US allies. Venezuela, on the other hand, isn’t. And Washington has a long history of boosting far-right allies in Latin America while opposing anyone on the left.

Seriously, Washington? Stop taking the piss.

US political elites have been obsessing over Venezuela’s crisis for weeks now. They’ve also been tightening their chokehold on Venezuela’s economy with more and more sanctions. As a former UN expert told The Canary this week:

the sanctions are the direct cause of death… they constitute a crime against humanity

Stein isn’t falling for the warhawks’ propaganda and phoney concern, though. Instead, she’s been pointing out that these same elites have done precious nothing to end crises raging at home:

Stein has brilliantly cut through the bullshit that US warhawks have been spewing for weeks now. And she’s exposed and stressed two key points:

  1. That Washington picks and chooses which foreign crises to get angry about, usually depending on whether the local governments are allies or not.
  2. That Washington waxes lyrical about poverty abroad, but does next to nothing to address the crisis of poverty and inequality at home.

They’re points that we all need to remember. And they’re points we need to be throwing back into the face of anyone who’s calling for illegal regime-change efforts in Venezuela.

Featured image via Wikimedia – Paul Stein

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