Britain’s elites should fear Corbyn’s Brexit stance. Because it could deliver him the election.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn
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In a Britain severely divided by Brexit, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made it perfectly clear why he’s “proud” of his unifying stance.

On 6 December, as Corbyn revealed a damning government document showing how Boris Johnson has misled voters, he tweeted:


A simple and vital stance

Corbyn made Labour’s Brexit stance as clear as possible in early November, saying:

Later in the month, he received widespread praise after confirming that he would personally remain neutral during the confirmatory Brexit referendum:

Indeed, when LBC asked what people thought of Corbyn’s stance, the response seemed to be overwhelmingly positive:

The alternative to a confirmatory referendum, Labour says, would be “Thatcherism on steroids” under Johnson’s Conservatives – favouring privatisation, deregulation, and an attack on workers’ rights. So it would be like the last decade of economic and social disaster under the Tories, but potentially much worse. And it seems that some Brexit voters are fully aware of this:

Labour will truly empower the British people

Around half of the population don’t feel strongly about either Leave or Remain. So Corbyn’s unifying stance is bold. He has instead been trying to focus voters’ minds on his bold and exciting policies on the issues that most people really care about. His party’s manifesto is all about taking power back from the ultra-rich and giving it to everyone else; the document has the backing of countless economists.

Almost half (48%) of the Leave voters who backed Labour in 2017, however, seem to disagree with Corbyn’s neutrality; and around a quarter (24%) of these are apparently unsure of whom they’re going to vote for on 12 December. But these people will need to decide what is most important to them:

  • Do they want to get out of the European Union as soon as possible? If they do, a vote for Brexit under a Corbyn government could actually happen a lot sooner. Because Johnson’s deal will likely involve months or even years of further negotiations, and may still end with ‘no deal’.
  • Do they care more about protecting and investing in the NHS, education, housing, and the economy? Because in that case, a vote for Corbyn’s Labour is also the obvious choice.
Defeat the Tory-billionaire alliance

It’s so vital to stress that the alternative to Labour is not ‘a clean Brexit’. Because the alternative is a Tory party backed by and campaigning for Britain’s billionaires, who use their media domination to get us to vote against our own interests. This is the elitist alliance that consistently screws voters over, and this is the putrid network that voters have a real chance to shut down on 12 December. But for that to happen, people on both sides of the Brexit debate will need to unite. And that’s why Corbyn’s unifying stance on Brexit is the one Britain sorely needs right now.

Featured image via PA and Sophie Brown

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