One Twitter thread brilliantly debunks 11 coup-supporting ‘stories’ on Venezuela

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela - soldiers in uniform
Mohamed Elmaazi

A recent Twitter thread has been debunking pictures that claim to show extreme hunger and violence in Venezuela. This thread, by ‘Morgan’, seems to expose propaganda on Venezuela being pushed by pro-coup voices both locally and internationally.

(WARNING: Some of the pictures below are graphic, and readers may find them disturbing.)

Let the debunking begin

1) ‘Morgan’ – a self-proclaimed “anti-imperialist” – began by exposing when Honduran babies suddenly became Venezuelan babies:

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2) Then, he looked at when ‘opposition’ violence became state violence:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 2

Venezuelanalysis also confirmed that:

opposition activists were seen hurling Molotov cocktails, while standing only metres from the trucks. These reports were confirmed by on-the-spot journalists, including teleSUR reporter Madelein Garcia and others.

The Grayzone and others backed that up.

3) Victims of the opposition, meanwhile, somehow became victims of the government:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela - Twitter thread - Tweet No 3

4) Spanish police violence also became Venezuelan state violence:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 4

5) Vietnamese babies apparently also became Venezuelan babies:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 5

6) A group sex scene from an adult film, meanwhile, became a scene of Venezuelan police raping someone:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 6

7) Morgan then highlighted how a child suffering extreme malnutrition in Argentina in 2002 (during a great depression that was worsened by international institutions like the IMF) became a Venezuelan child in 2017:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 7

8) The next image turns a photo-journalist in Indonesia into a photo-journalist in Venezuela:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 8

9) Then, Morgan looks at how Western-backed state repression in Egypt (during the era of US president Barack Obama) was turned into ‘socialist’ state repression in Venezuela in 2013:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 9

10) Some of the US media’s ‘recent’ Venezuelan military ‘defectors’, meanwhile, are wearing uniforms that are ten years old:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 10

11) And finally, Morgan points out a case where it appears that a dead person comes back to life – to cover their genitalia:

Debunking propaganda on Venezuela thread no 11
‘Extreme scepticism is required’

As Morgan says, people watching the news on Venezuela today should:

Treat everything the U.S.-backed Venezuelan “opposition” and the capitalist media says about the situation in Venezuela and regarding President Maduro with extreme scepticism. They have proven themselves to be untrustworthy, fraudulent liars, and immoral crooks.

Propaganda on Venezuela

Of course, the Venezuelan government is not beyond critique. And none of us are immune from the effects of propaganda. But let’s be clear, the coup supporters have been filling our newspapers, TV, and social media with disinformation and outright lies to ‘manufacture consent‘ for yet another illegal regime-change operation.

That’s why it’s the responsibility of the independent media and critical thinkers around the world to expose and push back against the propaganda’s ultimate objective: another disastrous coup in Latin America.

Featured image via Morgan/Twitter

Get involved

  • In the US: write to your Congressperson and demand that they oppose the coup and end the crippling US sanctions that are exacerbating the humanitarian situation (be sure to be polite and concise in order to be effective).
  • In the UK: write to your MP and ask them to oppose the coup, the sanctions, and return Venezuela’s gold to the Maduro government, to help alleviate the suffering of Venezuela’s people (be sure to be polite and concise in order to be effective).

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